Homepage Launch: A Look Behind the Scenes

Our IT and Marketing Teams worked hard to create an updated homepage for With their efforts, the functionality and usability of the website has improved drastically. New features such as mobile optimization, SEO optimization and personalized user experiences will be instrumental for increased customer satisfaction and retention. Thanks to the teamwork and dedication of these two teams, the Homepage Launch was a success. Congrats to these Copart employees on a landmark achievement!

Take a moment to learn more about the individual contributions that made this update possible:

Family Friday: Heather Sinyard

Meet our next Annual Service Star Spotlight of 2015, Heather Sinyard! Heather has been with Copart for over two and a half years and is currently located at Copart Atlanta East as a Title Clerk.

“When I am away, Heather goes above and beyond to make sure that not only all of our work gets done, but that no seller’s titles get ‘left behind.’ She is truly a service star!” said Kathy Somerville, Seller.

Check out Heather’s interview to learn more about her time and experience with Copart!


Copart Lyman Hosts Local Fire Department for Special Rescue Training

This fall, our Copart Lyman location in Maine hosted their local fire department for some special rescue training.  Copart Lyman donated their facility bull pen as well as some cars for their training scenarios.

“The fire department was incredibly appreciative for not only hosting them, but for our eagerness to get to know them,” said Wendy Szymczycha, Copart Lyman General Manager. “One of our loader operators Meredith Chessie even got in on the fun!”

Copart Lyman cooperated with their regular junk buyer and reserved about 15 cars for the fire department training.   At the fire department’s request, the staff helped to place and stack some of the cars in certain ways to stage accident scenes.

The training focused on allowing the firewomen and men to practice with the new survival equipment the department had. Some scenarios involved jacking up the cars upside down and then stabilizing them, as well as practicing freeing potential accident victims from those cars. Other scenarios included using the Jaws-of-Life extraction tool to both teach the importance of frame integrity once certain areas of the car were cut through or removed as well as demonstrate safe approaches for both safety workers and any victims involved when using the tool.

“I think this a great community service event. We try to participate in assisting the Police departments (State and local) and Fire departments any way we can,” explains Wendy. “We have the facility and the vehicles and if we can help them make a difference for the next emergency by providing real-life scenarios in a safe training area, it’s all worth it! It’s important to involve our staff because we are a company that cares and we are eager to work with our community to give back to those who are there when we need them.”

Check out the pictures from the event!


Copart Atlanta East Embraces the Spirit of Giving

Copart Atlanta East participated in a canned food drive and donated all collected items to the Shephard Staff Ministries Food Pantry.  Staying involved and active in the community is important to the staff at Copart Atlanta East. Copart’s Georgia Central Title Unit (CTU) Manager Ashley Wood brought together the idea for the office to help a local organization that would provide a direct benefit to their local community during this upcoming holiday season.

“When we began discussing the idea of a canned food drive, Shephard Staff came to mind not only because of the direct impact it has had with an immediate family member of mine in the past, but because of the generous assistance they provide to our local community in serving more than 13,000 people each year,” said Ashley Wood, Copart Central Title Unit Manager.

Pictured from left to right: Ashley Wood, chad alexander, and Travis Howell


The canned food drive at the Copart Atlanta East office was held just before the Thanksgiving holiday as a way to bring awareness and show support to those in need in the local community.  Fellow co-workers filled the collection barrel with a variety of food products, including canned vegetables, canned fruit, canned meat, noodles, peanut butter and jelly, breakfast bars, and oatmeal.

Brad Blalock, General Manager, talks about the canned food drive:

“We are a business that employs more than 45 people in this community. We want to make sure that we are taking a very active role in the community we are a part of.

I think it’s always important to give back to those that are in need because I consider myself very lucky to have a great job with a great company. This canned food drive represents the many great things that Copart does not only for its employees but its community as well.  We wanted to be a part of that.

Participating in events like this not only helps to strengthen the bonds between co-workers, but it also lets you see a different side of people. Sometimes events like this give you a little reminder of how wonderful and special your team members are; they always brings out the best in people!”

Chadrick Alexander, Assistant General Manager, also comments on the success of the event:

“For me, this canned food drive gives me the opportunity to have a positive and immediate effect on my community. It’s so important to give back because your community is your homefront.  Your community is your neighbor, a friend, and a friend’s family or loved one. It’s where you can truly see change, whether temporary or permanent, and in an area that affects you.

These kinds of events create an environment of care.  We work with each other daily and spend a lot of time with each other.  It’s great to know that our co-workers truly care for others. Doing community outreach programs like this helps with building an overall stronger relationship with each other.”

Copart UK Raises Funds for Annual BBC Children in Need Charity

Locations across the UK participated in the annual BBC Children in Need Charity by raising money through a variety of location fundraisers. Children in Need is an organization that provides grants to projects in the UK which focus on children and young people who are disadvantaged. The charity supports small and large organizations alike with the end goal of helping children who face a range of disadvantages such as poverty, neglect, abuse or life-altering disabilities.

Copart UK’s Bristol location hosted the first ever “Great Bristol Bake-Off,” an idea first suggested by Office Manager Dave Lingwood as a way to participate in this widespread campaign.

There were eight entries featuring a wide range of delicious cakes. Customer Service Representative (CSR) Lynn Oram won the “Bake-Off” with an overall score of 28/30 for her KitKat chocolate cake. All entered cakes were then sold to colleagues and Members at the Bristol location to raise money for Children in Need.

Other Copart UK locations also joined in to raise funds for the Children in Need Charity fundraising efforts. Newbury hosted their own “Bake-Off,” and once entries were judged by General Manager Lou Goodacre, CSRs Phoebe McCully and Jamilee Dooley both won special prizes for Best Taste and Best Design.

Fellow co-workers in the Customer Service Centre and in Claims Settlement at the Wootton location baked and sold a range of sweet treats and goodies to raise money. Newbury colleagues also contributed to the cause by planning an optional “Dress Down Day,” where colleagues could pay a donation amount in order to dress down for the day.

Overall locations across the U.K. raised £280 to benefit the BBC Children in Need Charity!  The Charity has raised over £46 million through their efforts this year.

The Internship Experience: Social Media and Brand Marketing

Meet David Dunn and Sebastian Piras! David and Sebastian both work in the Marketing Department as interns for the fall semester.

David is interning with the Social Media team. He is currently studying Communications at the University of Texas at Arlington.


Sebastian is interning with the Brand Marketing team. He is studying Marketing at the University of Texas at Dallas.

Get to know them and what advice they have for those looking for an internship:

What are three interesting facts about you?


1) I’m a hardcore Marvelite.

2) I once interviewed Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

3) I’ve written two 100-page screenplays and am currently working on my third one.


1) I experienced a hurricane first-hand.

2) I made my own wine while in Italy.

3) I was the 3rd Grade Spelling Bee Champ.

Why did you choose to intern at Copart?

David: “I choose to intern here because I was looking for professional social media experience at an internationally-recognized company, and Copart has given me a great experience with that.”

Sebastian: “I chose to intern at Copart because of the experience that I would receive. I couldn’t see myself getting the same exposure that I have received here anywhere else.”

What advice would you give to those looking for an internship in your field?

David: “For any intern looking for an internship in marketing or communications you need to apply, apply, apply! You never know what company you will match well with and have a great experience at. And after you’ve accepted an offer, be prepared to work, work, work.”

Sebastian: “There are plenty of opportunities for interns.  Marketing is always growing and all you have to do is apply and be open to new opportunities.”

What is one way you have grown while interning at Copart?

David: “I’ve improved substantially at social media to be able to coordinate content and posts between Twitter and Instagram. It’s way more than I thought I would have learned.”

Sebastion: “I have definitely grown professionally. The work that I do and the people I interact with through my time here at Copart have definitely taught me a lot.”


Copart Knoxville in Tennessee Sponsors Chamber of Commerce Community Event

In October, Copart Knoxville served as one of the major sponsors of the Monroe County Chamber of Commerce’s annual event, Taste of Monroe. It is a small town fall festival held in Madisonville, Tennessee. The event is a chance for the local community to come out and interact with surrounding local businesses as well as enjoy food and fun.

General Manager Benjamin Lee, Assistant General Manager Walter Humphreys and Humphrey’s daughter


Most of the county’s surrounding local restaurants participated in the all-you-can-eat food option where attending guests could taste and eat however much food they wanted after paying a food fee. Part of the festival included a car and motorcycle show, with some of the vehicles sponsored by Copart Knoxville.

“The Taste of Monroe is a small town fall festival,” said Walter Humphreys, Assistant General Manager of Copart Knoxville. “Our location has recently been attending and getting involved with the Monroe County Chamber of Commerce, and we wanted to be one of the major sponsors for this event.”

Copart Knoxville encouraged all employees to attend and participate. To get as many attending as possible, not only did Copart Knoxville sponsor the event as a partner with the local Chamber of Commerce, but they also purchased tickets and ordered custom shirts for employees and their families. Copart Knoxville had the opportunity to meet and greet several members of the local community and answer questions about what Copart does as a location and as a company.

“This festival is where almost everyone in the city came,” said Humphreys. “Sponsoring and attending this event was also a great way to show the community that we are more than just ‘the metal building behind the green fence. Benjamin Lee, Copart Knoxville General Manager (GM) and myself both grew up here, so we take a great deal of pride in helping the local economy where we work and live.”

“The Taste of Monroe event was great,” said GM Benjamin Lee. “We want to be an active member in the local community, and this event helped to shed a better light on what kind of community-conscious business we really are. All of our employees proudly wore their Copart shirts, and it was awesome to see everyone’s family and friends bonding and enjoying time together outside of work. We always look for ways we can get out in the community and build relationships with community partners.”

“The Chamber of Commerce was very excited to see all of us at the event,” continues Lee. “During the event and even afterwards, I continued to receive several compliments on Copart Knoxville’s increasing involvement with the community.”


Copart Celebrates 2016 Q3 Service Star Winners

Join us in congratulating the most recent winners of the Copart Service Star award!

Throughout the year we set out to shine a light on employees from across the organization who go above and beyond their normal duties to offer exceptional customer service.

We are proud to feature our 2016 Q3 Service Star Award winners:

Yard 1 – Aritta “Lynn” McCune Yard 61 – Laura Pack Yard 137 – Nervalisse San Miguel
Yard 2 – Sandra Collins Yard 66 – Briana Wurtz Yard 139 – Sheri Newcomb
Yard 3 – Viridiana Soto Yard 68 – Kristashay Flynn Yard 143 – Michelle Hawkins
Yard 10 – Daniel Huerta Yard 70 – Robin Wilkerson Yard 144 – Sean McCallion
Yard 11 – Lahudyne Candelario Yard 72 – Robin Roney Yard 145 – Teresa Burt
Yard 14 – Morgan Beason Yard 75 – Josh Valdez Yard 146 – Wendy Jackson
Yard 16 – Dennis Tiger Yard 80 – Stephanie Fryer Yard 148 – Daisy Velasquez
Yard 17 – Robert Haggard Yard 81 – Amy Wolf Yard 149 – Chelsea Kellaher
Yard 19 – Chuck Pruitt Yard 87 – Stephen King Yard 154 – Lakisha Brunson
Yard 20 – Robert Walter Yard 88 – Leonard Royster Yard 159 – Karla Lloyd
Yard 21 – Tina White Yard 91 – Lisa Farnon Yard 162 – Shannon Flemming
Yard 23 – Christine Davanzo Yard 92 – Missy Keeney Yard 169 – Kelly Debolt
Yard 25 – Larkin Rood Yard 94 – Shawn Koch Yard 181 – Tammy Yohman
Yard 27 – Katie Brodeur Yard 97 – Rochel Hernandez Yard 201 – Rose Cameron
Yard 28 – Sonni Crespo Yard 98 – Timothy MacDonald Yard 202 – Paula Di Domenico
Yard 30 – Patricia Liquori Yard 102 – Lauren Visocsky Yard 203 – Antica “Tony” Kandic
Yard 31 – Kayla Haines Yard 104 – Ellen Pickar Dept 510 – Paul Van Dine
Yard 32 – Artia Kates Yard 105 – Beatriz Vergara Dept 511 – Yudith Cruz
Yard 34 – Stefanie Carnagey Yard 106 – James Quillin Dept 570 – Jeanette Mendoza
Yard 36 – Jeffrey Miller Yard 107 – Bethany Wilson Dept 578 – Elisha Shepherd
Yard 41 – Rafael Pla Yard 108 – Samantha Sforza Dept 581 – Tamiko Birden
Yard 42 – Eduardo Pagen-Ortega Yard 111 – Colton Peyton Dept 583 – Susan Wilbanks
Yard 44 – Eric Boldt Yard 112 – Dan Smosny Dept 584 – Angela Gillingham
Yard 45 – Maria Duran Yard 114 – Chris Harris Dept 590 – Carlos Lopez
Yard 47 – Ruby Meza Yard 117 – Crystal Watson Dept 709 – William Cupples
Yard 51 – Clint Spradlin Yard 118 – Samantha Crane Dept 710 – Shalee Sardell
Yard 53 – Brian Delmore Yard 128 – Adam Goshorn Dept 715 – Heidi Haugen
Yard 55 – Angela Grisham Yard 134 – Monica Contreras Dept 723 – Stevanus “Steven” Pradipa
Yard 56 – Janice Driggers Yard 135 – Lucybelle Carrasco Dept 740 – Patricia Whitlock
Yard 57 – Cassandra Hayes Yard 136 – Kristina Alexander Network  – Erica Pauli

We continue to be impressed with the number of nominations we receive through our online nomination form.  If you know of an employee who has delivered “5-Star” service please be sure to recognize them by going to and completing the nomination form.

Copart IT Hosts Datathon

The Copart IT Department hosted a Datathon with University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) students in October. Copart enjoys working closely with the surrounding undergraduate and graduate community as a way to build relationships and foster innovative learning environments. Through the Copart Datathon, students had the opportunity to meet and interact with members of the IT executive leadership team as well as have the chance to work within a global company.

A Datathon often is either one day or over the course of multiple days as a workshop and incubating space. The purpose of a Datathon is not only to bring together IT students and professionals,  but it is intended to be an intense workshop that asks participants to do their best to turn information into knowledge. Datathons in particular use research questions and datasets to advance knowledge and come up with a solution.

The first few rounds of the Datathon were held at the UTD Career Management Center


Once the Datathon reached the elimination rounds, the remaining Datathon teams presented at Copart Headquarters in Dallas in front of their peers as well as IT executive leadership.

“This is always a great experience,” said Professor Kashif Saeed, Director of the MS-Business Analytics Program at UTD. “My students get to learn so much through these events. We are doing at least four Datathons this semester.”\

The datathon winning team with Professor Kashif Saeed, Director of the MS-Business Analytics Program and the Assitant Director 

“This was such a great learning experience,” said VJ Rathore, a member of one of the top three teams. “It’s one thing to do practice problems and be given mock scenarios in class, but you can’t beat getting real data and knowing that your work will be used to solve a real life problem.”

“This datathon is different from others that I have been a part of because first, I had the opportunity to actually interact and speak with the IT leadership,” said Tina Sharma, a member of one of the top three teams. “I have never had this kind of exposure before, and it’s really great to see a company that has very approachable, considerate and eager leaders who willingly answer all of our questions.”