Hurricane Florence Affects Copart Family

Thousands of families were affected in the wake of Hurricane Florence. In these devastating times, Copart’s Catastrophe Response Team immediately begin vehicle recovery efforts and help communities rebuild and heal. What’s more, Copart makes sure to extend the same compassion and efforts to its employees.

Terrel Sutton, a four-year Copart veteran load operator from Yard 54, Raleigh, NC, and his family were displaced from their home during the flooding in North Carolina. The Suttons’ home had severe damage to its roof, allowing flooding and destruction of most of their property.

After hearing the news of the Sutton family’s home, GM of Copart’s Raleigh, NC location, Ashley King, reached out to Copart leadership to see if there was anything we could do.

Copart Director Rick Harris and a small team of Copart employees flew to Raleigh over the weekend and met the Sutton family. Through Harris, Copart provided the Sutton family with contractors to repair the roof and home, a hotel room for the duration of repair and food and restaurant gift certificates for any supplies and food they may need.


“It’s a real blessing for me that we’re able to help a member of the Copart family,” Harris said. “At the end of the day, belongings can be replaced. We’re just glad everyone is safe, and we’ll do whatever we can to make the Sutton family’s situation easier.”

All Copart employees are a part of the Copart family. When there is someone in need of help, we do not hesitate to lend a hand. It’s important that we take care of each other and continue to do so. It’s the Copart way.

Copart Colorado Springs Partners with Police Department for K-9 Training

On May 31, Colorado Springs Police Department arrived at Copart Colorado Springs for K-9 unit training. Copart has partnered with CSPD to provide a space for practical field training to officers and K-9 units. Yard 118 supervisor, Karl Noe said, “having CSPD conduct training at the yard allows us to expand our interaction with the police beyond working with them when there is an issue at the yard.”OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

CSPD officers were able to train the K-9s in a real-world setting. They were given a designated training area where the K-9 officers could practice their skills. This training allows CSPD to keep Colorado Springs safe and drug-free. “The better training they receive, the better they can keep our community safe,” Noe stated, “when they spend more time at our facility, they are getting to know the businesses and the people working in the area. As they patrol, it becomes more about the people here and not just about checking on buildings.”P1010049.JPG

Not only has this partnership strengthened the officers’ skills, but it has also strengthened the relationship between Copart and CSPD. “We’ve been working on this relationship since we opened,” Noe added. Copart Colorado Springs keeps their breakroom doors open to CSPD, giving officers access to restrooms, hot coffee, and bottled water. Yard Supervisor, Noe stated, “we believe having an added police presence throughout the day will deter crime, not only at the yard, but in the neighborhood as well.”

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CSPD has asked to host weekly training sessions for the department. Copart Colorado Springs is happy to provide their facility to an organization that does so much for their community. “We are really looking forward to our new relationship with the CSPD and see great things coming in the future,” said Noe.


If you’re interested in conducting training at a Copart location, please contact the General Manager of your local Copart.

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Copart Sacramento Volunteers at Annual Jessie Baker Games for Children With Special Needs

The staff at Copart Sacramento volunteered at the Jessie Baker Games at the Jessie Baker School, a school for children with special needs, on April 27.  The annual Jessie Baker Games not only encourages students to maintain healthy lifestyles but also recognizes their accomplishments.

YD 12 showing support at annual Jessie Baker games (1).jpgCopart Sacramento team members at the Jessie Baker School. Pictured (left to right): Steve Bender (RM), Morgan Wessman (AGM), Xandra Reams (OM), Samantha Ketcherside (OS), Steve Kroencke (AGM), Michael Sprifke (GM)

Athletes from the school trained for six weeks in preparation for the games. Copart employees volunteered at the games to celebrate the athletes and their accomplishments. The team spent the day supporting the athletes and cheered them to the finish line. Team members also hosted a raffle for a VIP tent to raise money for the Jessie Baker School. The winner of the raffle enjoyed VIP access to the games and covered seating provided by Copart Sacramento.

YD 12 Jessia Baker Games VIP Tent.jpg

The Jessie Baker School was founded in 1962 and is one of the very first schools in California dedicated to students with special needs.

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Thank You to the 2017 Special Operations Team

The Special Operations Team responded to numerous calls throughout 2017. The team along with countless volunteers helped with events such as the floods in southern Texas and Louisiana and Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. As we close out 2017, we want to celebrate the commitment of our 2017 Special Ops Team.

 A note from Simon Smock, Director of Inventory Management, to our dedicated team:

I cannot express enough how much gratitude I have for the 2017 Special Operations Team.  Not only was this one of the most active storm seasons we ever faced, but also the single largest catastrophe event in Copart history.  The commitment and dedication this team has are truly commendable.  Every day they exemplified their toughness, determination, and grit; and they continually proved they are always ready to heed the call. 

I appreciate all their hard work.  A large part of what makes Copart so amazing is our people.  We have incredible people and these employees are a bid above the rest and they have very bright futures at Copart.

We are shining the Copart spotlight on these dedicated individuals. Please take some time to thank the 2017 Special Ops Team for their service.

Adrian Woulfe, Albert Petrello, Amanda Merryman, Amy McNulty, Angel Carrero, Anthony Pietramali, Antonie Darden, Aric Larson, Bili Wagner, Buddy Ridgeway, Christy Cartwright, Darla Nelson, Deborah Marfinetz, Denise Talbert, Deonte Watts, Dustin Hinkle, Edgar Carreon, Elden Sahota, Elizabeth Dunn, Everett Trail, Geoffrey Whorrall, James Martin, Jeffrey Fatters, Jennafer Pascarella, Jesse Burrell, John Wagler, John Williams, Jonathan Casiano, Jose Lebron, Julian Miller, Karen Vetro, Katelyn Bluel, Kylie Duley, Leon Jones, Levar Barren, Lorena Barrera, Lupe Byrd, Makeya Jefferson, Mark Cheek, Matt Johnson, Mike Perez, Paula Menten, Petronilo Avila-Navarrete, Renee Gilles, Robert Colton, Roberta Garza, Sonni Crespo, Stephanie Davis, Stephanie Mata, Stephanie, Munoz, Sterling Stewart Jr, Steve Lehmkuhl and Timothy Schmeltz.

Copart Sikeston Hosts Local Sheriff’s Department

Copart Sikeston supported their local sheriff’s department in Scott County, with fundraising for Explorer POST, a non-profit that funds programs for youth development.

Explorer POST is for kids between the ages of 13 and 19 that have an interest in law enforcement. They are taught leadership skills, life skills and career development. They have a monthly meeting and participate in activities like St. Louis Cardinal ballgames, Six Flags amusement park, BBQ’s, camping trips and more!

The Sheriff’s department hosted a fundraiser that raised over $500 for the POST program.

To show their support, Copart Sikeston donated a car that was taken to Benton Neighbor Day, the county’s local fall festival. Participants paid $5 to “BASH” the car!

If you’re interested in working with a Copart location for emergency response training or fundraising, please contact the General Manager of your local Copart.

Yard 141 working with our local sheriff_s office to benefit our local Explorer POST, which funds programs for youth development

Copart Sponsors Veteran Assistance Program

On November 9, Copart teamed up with Progressive Insurance and several other organizations for the 5th annual Keys to Progress event in Fresno, California. Keys to Progress is a program that supports veterans in need of transportation by presenting them with a newly refurbished car. Over the past five years, more than 500 vehicles have been donated through the Keys to Progress program.

US Naval Air Vet Michael Santos
US Naval Air Veteran, Michael David Santos and Ana De Leon, GM of Copart Fresno

This year’s recipient was veteran Michael David Santos who took home a 2015 Dodge Dart.

Copart donated and arranged the transportation of the vehicle from our San Diego location to Caliber Collision Center, where the car was presented to Santos.

After the presentation, Santos was able to drive away in his very own car.

Copart is a proud sponsor of the Keys to Progress initiative and proudly supports our veterans. Thank you, Mr. Santos, for your service. Enjoy your new car!

To learn more about the Keys to Progress program, please visit their website.

Local Troops & Fire Departments Welcomed at Copart Portland North

Copart Portland North had a great Saturday morning on March 4, 2017, as they welcomed 24 airmen and women and members of the Gresham and Tualatin Fire Department for emergency training.

Copart donated four vehicles for the teams to practice life-saving training techniques, including Jaws of Life and metal cutters, used to save victims of car-related collisions and accidents.

GM David Newton, AGM Danny LaMotte and CSR Diego Curiel showed up on their day off to coordinate the event, which included a complimentary lunch for all trainees.

We’re proud of our team at Yard 9, along with our other Copart locations, for providing a safe and friendly environment for local law enforcement, military and fire and rescue teams to train.

Check out the slideshow below for some great training pics:

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If you’re interested in conducting training at a Copart location, please contact the General Manager of your local Copart.

Copart Lyman Hosts Local Fire Department for Special Rescue Training

This fall, our Copart Lyman location in Maine hosted their local fire department for some special rescue training.  Copart Lyman donated their facility bull pen as well as some cars for their training scenarios.

“The fire department was incredibly appreciative for not only hosting them, but for our eagerness to get to know them,” said Wendy Szymczycha, Copart Lyman General Manager. “One of our loader operators Meredith Chessie even got in on the fun!”

Copart Lyman cooperated with their regular junk buyer and reserved about 15 cars for the fire department training.   At the fire department’s request, the staff helped to place and stack some of the cars in certain ways to stage accident scenes.

The training focused on allowing the firewomen and men to practice with the new survival equipment the department had. Some scenarios involved jacking up the cars upside down and then stabilizing them, as well as practicing freeing potential accident victims from those cars. Other scenarios included using the Jaws-of-Life extraction tool to both teach the importance of frame integrity once certain areas of the car were cut through or removed as well as demonstrate safe approaches for both safety workers and any victims involved when using the tool.

“I think this a great community service event. We try to participate in assisting the Police departments (State and local) and Fire departments any way we can,” explains Wendy. “We have the facility and the vehicles and if we can help them make a difference for the next emergency by providing real-life scenarios in a safe training area, it’s all worth it! It’s important to involve our staff because we are a company that cares and we are eager to work with our community to give back to those who are there when we need them.”

Check out the pictures from the event!


Copart Atlanta East Embraces the Spirit of Giving

Copart Atlanta East participated in a canned food drive and donated all collected items to the Shephard Staff Ministries Food Pantry.  Staying involved and active in the community is important to the staff at Copart Atlanta East. Copart’s Georgia Central Title Unit (CTU) Manager Ashley Wood brought together the idea for the office to help a local organization that would provide a direct benefit to their local community during this upcoming holiday season.

“When we began discussing the idea of a canned food drive, Shephard Staff came to mind not only because of the direct impact it has had with an immediate family member of mine in the past, but because of the generous assistance they provide to our local community in serving more than 13,000 people each year,” said Ashley Wood, Copart Central Title Unit Manager.

Pictured from left to right: Ashley Wood, chad alexander, and Travis Howell


The canned food drive at the Copart Atlanta East office was held just before the Thanksgiving holiday as a way to bring awareness and show support to those in need in the local community.  Fellow co-workers filled the collection barrel with a variety of food products, including canned vegetables, canned fruit, canned meat, noodles, peanut butter and jelly, breakfast bars, and oatmeal.

Brad Blalock, General Manager, talks about the canned food drive:

“We are a business that employs more than 45 people in this community. We want to make sure that we are taking a very active role in the community we are a part of.

I think it’s always important to give back to those that are in need because I consider myself very lucky to have a great job with a great company. This canned food drive represents the many great things that Copart does not only for its employees but its community as well.  We wanted to be a part of that.

Participating in events like this not only helps to strengthen the bonds between co-workers, but it also lets you see a different side of people. Sometimes events like this give you a little reminder of how wonderful and special your team members are; they always brings out the best in people!”

Chadrick Alexander, Assistant General Manager, also comments on the success of the event:

“For me, this canned food drive gives me the opportunity to have a positive and immediate effect on my community. It’s so important to give back because your community is your homefront.  Your community is your neighbor, a friend, and a friend’s family or loved one. It’s where you can truly see change, whether temporary or permanent, and in an area that affects you.

These kinds of events create an environment of care.  We work with each other daily and spend a lot of time with each other.  It’s great to know that our co-workers truly care for others. Doing community outreach programs like this helps with building an overall stronger relationship with each other.”