Congratulations to Copart’s 2018 Q2 Service Star Winners!

Copart is excited to congratulate this quarter’s Service Star winners! We thank you for your commitment to providing excellent service for our buyers and sellers.

Service Star winners are nominated by their peers and Copart customers for exceeding all expectations and delivering five-star service. See a list below of our 2018 Q2 Service Star winners, and thank you to all for your continued dedication to Copart!

Maria Contreras – Yard 2 Patricia La Rue – Yard 3 Andrea Avila – Yard 6
Jillian Hoskin – Yard 9 Ivette Melendez – Yard 10 Oyukie Souksanom – Yard 11
Tamee Montgomery – Yard 12 Linda Yang – Yard 16 Nick Mayfield – Yard 19
Cheryl McLaughlin – Yard 20 Elizabeth Womack – Yard 21 Chris Donais – Yard 23
Beverly Faison – Yard 24 Larkin Rood – Yard 25 Kristopher Grimes – Yard 28
Lisa Kelley – Yard 29 Tam Kiriakos – Yard 30 Caresha Nickens – Yard 32
Penny Privitera – Yard 35 Sara Arnold – Yard 36 Katelyn Bluel – Yard 38
Cleo Harris – Yard 39 John Williams – Yard 40 Ashleigh Hubbell – Yard 42
Joseph Stilwell – Yard 43 Eric Boldt – Yard 44 Delayne Montemayor – Yard 47
Karla Fauk – Yard 52 Stacey McDonald – Yard 53 Brianna Speciale – Yard 56
Kathleen Ortiz – Yard 57 Thomas Gordon – Yard 58 Brendan McGuire – Yard 59
Steven Nash – Yard 60 Dave Parker – Yard 61 Tawny Cleveland – Yard 62
Kristy Harlan Scales – Yard 63 Kelly Kelly – Yard 64 Sarah Papiernik – Yard 68
Gina Candanoza – Yard 71 Feather Nelson – Yard 72 Camelia Smith – Yard 78
Mariah Singer – Yard 80 Alyssa Stanley – Yard 81 Stacy Alderman – Yard 85
James Dorman – Yard 88 Travis Bowman – Yard 89 Alyssa Soto – Yard 97
David Gonzalez – Yard 105 Travis Howell – Yard 107 John Greggs – Yard 108
Nicole Mahiai – Yard 110 Robert Kisner – Yard 111 Ronnie Blevins – Yard 115
Jennifer Critchlow – Yard 118 Shyan Steinbach – Yard 120 Chung Yu Li – Yard 129
Charles Jordan – Yard 130 Dwayne Green – Yard 131 Monica Contreras – Yard 134
Shari Zara – Yard 135 Frank Herring – Yard 136 Tabatha Owens – Yard 141
Jennifer Barnett – Yard 143 Donna Price – Yard 144 Vanessa reddick – Yard 146
Melvin Ramos – Yard 148 Audrey Hunter – Yard 149 Jon Carlos Machuca – Yard 153
Antoine Hall – Yard 154 Geoffrey Mayer – Yard 156 Lynette King – Yard 160
Rachael Crusan – Yard 165 Mark Ahrens – Yard 169 Lorena Barrera – Yard 180
Marlene Mendoza – Yard 181 Ana Huerta – Yard 186 Courtney Guess – Yard 193
Max Aguirre – Yard 199 Nick Sandercock – Yard 201 Michelle Walters – Yard 202
Clarissa Rayner – Yard 203 Cortnee Brunet – Yard 204 Maria Gonzalez – IL Title Department
Jamie Denero – NJ Title Unit Christopher Harris – NY Title Unit Jean Kingus – Iowa Call Center
Matthew Brooks – Ohio Call Center Heather Sinyard – GA Title Department Deb Green – MI Title Dpearment
Catherine Cruz – FL Title Unit Yer Vang – CA Title Department Amanda Wicker – Farmers Title Unit
Rhiannon Kersting – Accounting Christina Blotzer – HR Maria Martinez-Azua – Member Services

Here at Team Copart we believe in celebrating our employees’ commitment outstanding customer service for our Members. If you know a co-worker who’s gone above and beyond to provide premier service, put them in the spotlight with a Service Star nomination. You can fill out the nomination form here.

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Marketing Profiles: Communications Team

Copart’s Communications Team focuses on internal and external communications efforts. They are responsible for the blog and @TeamCopart Instagram page, e-Newsletters, print newsletters, Rearview Mirror Books, awards submissions and other company-wide initiatives; they celebrate our people while keeping employees informed and updated.

We recently sat down with the duo to learn more about their individual roles.

Jana Headshot 1Meet Jana Miller. She is the Marketing Department’s Communications Manager. Jana has been a Team Copart member for three years, beginning as a Content Marketing Specialist.

Describe your role on the Communications team.
“If it involves content about, or for, employees, I’m usually involved. I oversee Copart’s internal communications, and I support our external communications initiatives.”

What projects are you currently working on?
“A few of the projects I’m currently working on are writing and editing the U.S. print newsletter, managing the creation of a careers website for our HR Team, updating content about Copart’s community involvement on, and working alongside some other Marketing Team members to visualize the history of Copart for a special project.”

What have you enjoyed most about working at Copart?
“I have been given a lot of autonomy and trust in the roles I’ve had at Copart, and I think that’s a very special thing to find in a career. Also, we have a great mix of personalities on the Marketing Team, and I enjoy our comradery.”

What is the first car you owned?
“A 1995 Plymouth Neon. It was a little two-door coupe that did not belong in the Buffalo, NY winters.”

Ashley HeadshotMeet Ashley Proctor, Copart’s Communications Coordinator.

Describe your role on the Communications team.
“I support Copart’s internal and external communications initiatives by writing and editing company-wide communications, updating the blog and posting social media content. I celebrate our people and keep them informed.”

What projects are you currently working on?
“Currently, I write and edit the bi-weekly e-Newsletter that is sent to all U.S. Copart employees. I manage award nominations, manage Copart TV content, write and edit the international newsletter and plan/organize company celebrations such as Diwali, Breast Cancer Awareness, Halloween and Veterans Day.”

What have you enjoyed most about working at Copart?
“I like working in an environment with so many learning opportunities. Working at Copart, I learn something new every day.”

What is the first car you owned?
1998 Dodge Stratus – She was a Mean Green fighting machine.

We always want to hear your stories and see your pictures. Email us at


Copart Indianapolis Hosts an End of Year Celebration

Copart Indianapolis, Yard 44, had an end of year award ceremony to celebrate the team and present awards to team members who went above and beyond during the year.

“One of my favorite Copart values is Celebrating Our People. We decided that an end of year award celebration was a great way to show our team that we appreciate them for all their hard work. It was important to make sure the entire team was involved, we did this by allowing everyone to vote for their peers. The recognition ceremony was a success and the team loved it. We are looking forward to continuing this new tradition, ” said Angela Phillips, GM at Yard 44.

Below is a list of the categories and award winners. All winners were nominated on and voted by their peers and presented with a trophy.

Making a Difference Award 2017
This award was presented for the most positive and upbeat.
Lisa Monfreda
David Mabe

Team Impact Award 2017
This award was presented for the hardest working and most helpful.
Lynn Black
Lewis Carney

Every Day Spotlight Award 2017
This award was presented to employees who never missed a day of work in 2017.
Felipe Cruz
Lynn Black
Becca Jennings
Yudith Cruz (not pictured)
Erica Boldt
Lisa Monfreda
Tracy Koontz

Top 20 Receiver 2017
This award was presented to those recognized as a Top 20 receiver for run and drive percentages.
Mike McCoy

Awesome Audit Results 2017
This award was presented to employees who had perfect SQR, E&S, and FQR audits in 2017.
Yudith Cruz (not pictured)
Cindy Grossnickle
Tracy Koontz

Great job, Copart Indianapolis! We’re always happy to see Team Copart members recognized for their invaluable contributions.

Making a Difference and Team Impact Award 

Team Voted Awards
Pictured from left to right: Lewis Carney, David Mabe, Lisa Monfreda, Lynn Black

Everyday Spotlight Award 

Everyday Spotlight Award
Pictured from left to right: Eric Boldt, Lisa Monfreda, Becca Jennings, Felipe Cruz, Lynn Black  Tracy Koontz

Top 20 Receiver Award

Top Receiver
Mike McCoy

Awesome Audit Results Award

Awesome Audit
Pictured left to right: Cincy Grossnickle and Tracy Koontz


Copart Celebrates Our Veterans

We are proud to recognize the men and women of Copart who have served our country and to show service members our gratitude for their time spent in the armed forces.

We offer our sincerest thank you to all those who have served in the United States military.

Check out this video of our executive team sending a message of appreciation.

Employee Spotlight: Barb Taylor

Barb Taylor began working at Copart in March of 1994, and she has had an impact on many and made life-long friendships. Her current role is on the Operations Team as a dispatcher at Copart St. Louis. “The people I work around, that’s what I enjoy the most. They are great,” said Barb. Along with her love for her coworkers, Barb has had a lot of memorable moments during her career. Her favorite being when her region held a Copart Town Hall in St. Louis where she was able to meet her fellow dispatchers from other yards.
In late February of 2017, Barb was diagnosed with Stage 3b lung cancer. Since her diagnosis, Barb expressed that her situation has made her appreciate life more. To anyone in a similar situation, Barb urges you to stay positive and believe that you or your loved one is going to “kick it.’’

Barb has been touched by the support she’s received from her Copart family during this time. “From day one, they have always been supportive, checking on me daily, allowing me to leave early if I didn’t feel well, pulling together to help with some of my work load. They have been there for me constantly in every way. I couldn’t have made it this far without the love and support of my Copart family,” said Barb.


Barb is admired by all her coworkers, and to show their support, the team organized a celebration for her after she finished a cancer treatment. “She is very positive. She has been with Copart for nearly 25 years and does a great job,” said Mike Friedman, Midwest Regional Manager.

Through good times and tough times, the team at Yard 20 is a family, a support system and an excellent representation of Copart’s Values.

Barb, you’re an inspiration to us all. Team Copart wishes you all the best.

Family Friday: Dee Kesselring

Meet our next Service Star Spotlight of 2015, Dee Kesselring! Dee started with Copart in 2008 as a CSR in Columbus, Ohio, then moved to Copart Portland two years later and is now at Copart Portland South as an Office Supervisor.

“She is an asset to her company, she is an exceptional employee, and is always professional and willing to help when needed!” said Vicky Relador, Buyer.

Check out Dee’s interview to learn more about her time and experience with Copart!

A Message From Our Founder on Veteran’s Day

On this Veteran’s Day, we want to honor the women and men who have served our country.  Their sacrifice and dedication is a gift that we will always be grateful for.

They have done a great thing for all of us, and offering a sincere thank you is only the beginning of the appreciation we have for all that our veterans have done.

Check out this year’s Veteran’s Day video featuring our founder and U.S. military veteran Willis Johnson:

Family Friday: Anabel De La Mella

At Copart, we celebrate the talent, passion and dedication of our Copart family from across the globe! Meet our next Service Star Spotlight of 2015, Anabel De La Mella! Anabel is from Miami and began her career at Copart just over two years ago.

“Anabel has been very kind and helpful in the title department. She is always looking for new ways to assist me and she makes sure we don’t get backed up,” said Heyling Valdez, CSR.

Check out Anabel’s interview to learn more about her time and experience with Copart! 

A Birthday to Celebrate!

Copart Eugene in Oregon celebrated a very special birthday in September.  Cecil, a subhauler who works with the location, shared his 75th birthday with the team.

Cecil has been a committed driver with Copart for more than 12 years and has been a long-haul truck driver for 58 years. In addition to his time as a driver, Cecil is also a U.S. military veteran who served in the United States Army for three years.  Throughout his life, Cecil has overcome cancer and other health issues and is committed to his goal to work in his truck until he is at least 80 years old.

As a gift for his birthday this year, the Copart family gave Cecil a custom hat with his nickname “Cecil with the Diesel” on the front.

“He loved it! We want to thank him for all he does,” said April Brock, General Manager of Copart Eugene. “Cecil is the only one who will tow over the mountain when the snow is falling hard, and we have a great partnership with him!”

Cecil says, “The secret to living long and strong: Don’t smoke, don’t drink, eat healthy, work hard and you’ve just got to keep moving!”

Happy Birthday Cecil!