Copart Milestones: GM George Bailey Celebrates 10 Years With Copart

George Bailey, who is celebrating his 10th year with Copart, began his career with our team in July of 2007 as a Customer Service Representative at Copart Dallas. Over the following ten years, George moved his career with Copart forward to his current position as General Manager (GM) of Yard 74 in San Antonio, TX. George’s work ethic and continued dedication have been a true asset to Copart. “Copart has always recognized hard work and dedication. We celebrate our people and promote from within. I think that’s an amazing thing,” said George.

His dedication and commitment to the Copart family and its customers can be seen every day, and those same values make George’s reflection on his history with Copart seem both new and ingrained at the same time. “Somedays, it doesn’t feel like it’s been anywhere near 10 years, and other times, it feels like Copart’s been a part of my life forever,” said George.

The successes George and his team have had during his time as GM have been worth celebrating. Amongst a whirlwind of new contracts, operational expansions and increased business, Yard 74 has continued to grow and get stronger. George is the first to admit that it’s team work that has helped his yard succeed, “I would not be where I am today if not for the folks I’ve worked for and with. I think our yards succeed together as a whole, and very few accomplishments can be traced to just one person.”

George’s Copart experience includes volunteering as a member of the CAT Response Team. One of his most memorable moments during CAT deployment was emptying out the New York City impounds for Yard 30. Due to city traffic, they could only run the trucks at night, so the team would work late night hours to get the job done. “I’d been on a number of CATs at that point, but that was by far the most exciting and unique. I met a lot of great folks on that trip that are still with Copart today,” said George fondly.

His winning track record as a GM, his love for the people of Copart, and his work with the CAT fleet, all reflect his journey at Copart, but they all take a backseat to one of his happiest moment, meeting his wife at Yard 62 in Austin, TX.

We appreciate your commitment to challenge the norm, act with integrity and strive for excellence. The entire Copart family would like to congratulate you on your career milestone. Here’s to ten more!




Copart Knoxville in Tennessee Sponsors Chamber of Commerce Community Event

In October, Copart Knoxville served as one of the major sponsors of the Monroe County Chamber of Commerce’s annual event, Taste of Monroe. It is a small town fall festival held in Madisonville, Tennessee. The event is a chance for the local community to come out and interact with surrounding local businesses as well as enjoy food and fun.

General Manager Benjamin Lee, Assistant General Manager Walter Humphreys and Humphrey’s daughter


Most of the county’s surrounding local restaurants participated in the all-you-can-eat food option where attending guests could taste and eat however much food they wanted after paying a food fee. Part of the festival included a car and motorcycle show, with some of the vehicles sponsored by Copart Knoxville.

“The Taste of Monroe is a small town fall festival,” said Walter Humphreys, Assistant General Manager of Copart Knoxville. “Our location has recently been attending and getting involved with the Monroe County Chamber of Commerce, and we wanted to be one of the major sponsors for this event.”

Copart Knoxville encouraged all employees to attend and participate. To get as many attending as possible, not only did Copart Knoxville sponsor the event as a partner with the local Chamber of Commerce, but they also purchased tickets and ordered custom shirts for employees and their families. Copart Knoxville had the opportunity to meet and greet several members of the local community and answer questions about what Copart does as a location and as a company.

“This festival is where almost everyone in the city came,” said Humphreys. “Sponsoring and attending this event was also a great way to show the community that we are more than just ‘the metal building behind the green fence. Benjamin Lee, Copart Knoxville General Manager (GM) and myself both grew up here, so we take a great deal of pride in helping the local economy where we work and live.”

“The Taste of Monroe event was great,” said GM Benjamin Lee. “We want to be an active member in the local community, and this event helped to shed a better light on what kind of community-conscious business we really are. All of our employees proudly wore their Copart shirts, and it was awesome to see everyone’s family and friends bonding and enjoying time together outside of work. We always look for ways we can get out in the community and build relationships with community partners.”

“The Chamber of Commerce was very excited to see all of us at the event,” continues Lee. “During the event and even afterwards, I continued to receive several compliments on Copart Knoxville’s increasing involvement with the community.”


Halloween at Copart

Happy Halloween! Check out our blog to see this year’s costumes from our different Copart locations!

Copart South Boston:

Yard 27.JPG

Copart Pittsburgh North:


Copart  Washington D.C.:


Copart El Paso:


Copart Danville in Virginia:


Copart Pittsburgh South:


Copart Ft. Worth:



Copart Atlanta East:


Copart Sikeston in Missouri:


Copart HQ in Dallas:

Copart Oklahoma City:


Copart Vallejo and the California Title Unit:


Copart Punta Gorda in Florida:


Copart Montgomery:


Copart Pony Express in Fairfield, California:

Pony Express.JPG

Copart Las Vegas:

Copart in Iowa at The Network:


Copart Dallas:


Copart St. Louis:


Copart Little Rock:


Copart Minneapolis in Minnesota:

Yard 37.jpg

Copart Des Moines in Iowa:


Copart Austin:


Copart San Antonio in Texas:

Copart Lincoln in Nebraska:

Yard 123 - 2.png

Copart Fayetteville in Arkansas:


Copart Chicago North:


Family Friday: Anabel De La Mella

At Copart, we celebrate the talent, passion and dedication of our Copart family from across the globe! Meet our next Service Star Spotlight of 2015, Anabel De La Mella! Anabel is from Miami and began her career at Copart just over two years ago.

“Anabel has been very kind and helpful in the title department. She is always looking for new ways to assist me and she makes sure we don’t get backed up,” said Heyling Valdez, CSR.

Check out Anabel’s interview to learn more about her time and experience with Copart! 

Do Something Nice Today!

“A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.” -Amelia Earhart

National Do Something Nice Day is a day focused on reminding us all that amidst all the hustle and bustle of our normal lives, stopping for even one moment and doing something nice for another person can create a world of a difference not just for those we do it for, but also for ourselves.

Copart family member Mindy Mathews believes in this same philosophy and has brought it to the Copart Eldridge location since she first arrived. It was her way to make everyone unite around something as valuable as showing compassion and kindness.

When Mindy first joined the Copart family, she noticed that the vending machines were empty.  Mindy felt that it should be filled for the rest of the Copart employees in the office who needed a snack.  So, Mindy bought items for the vending machine and filled it.  The catch? All profits generated from the vending machine each month go to a charitable initiative.
Mindy.jpgIn July, Mindy spearheaded the initiative “Acts of Kindness.”  This initiative was a great way to engage both the office and give back to a charitable organization.  Mindy emailed the office and informed them of the July initiative:

“If you have seen or been the recipient of an Act of Kindness from a Copart employee, please nominate them by completing the “Random Acts of Kindness” form…This doesn’t have to be a work-related event – it can be any moment of kindness throughout the day. Maybe they offered to grab you lunch while they were out, maybe they were the first to greet you kindly in the morning, maybe they unjammed the copy machine for you, etc.

At the end of the month, I will draw a name from the box and this person will receive a prize and will be able to choose a charitable organization that will receive the vending machine’s profits for the month of July.”

The office enthusiastically participated by not only doing nice things for each other in and around the office, but by also supporting the cause and promoting it.  Mindy received 25 responses, which amounts to at least one act of kindness in the office each work day that is reported. At the end of the month, Mindy gathered together all of the submitted “Acts of Kindness” and drew the lucky winner.

Ashley Truelsen won the drawing and chose the non-profit Pajama Program, an organization that provides new pajamas and books to children in need nationwide.


Nominee & Nominator.jpg
Belinda Reufer, the Copart employee who wrote the winning nomination for Ashlet Truelsen.


“This was a great event,” said Mindy. “Not only was the office into the spirit of giving, but we also learned about a new organization that does good work for the community.  I had never heard about Pajama Program before and it was awesome learning about and helping out a different organization. Doing things like this helps with the day to day work and stress.  It helps you get above that and interact with others in a more positive way.”

These seemingly small acts of kindness led to something even bigger. On National Do Something Nice Day, let’s remember that.  An act of kindness can go a long way and turn someone’s day around for the better. Do something nice today and share it with us! Send pictures and information on all the great things you do for each other and for the community to!

Family Friday: Angela McDonald

At Copart, we celebrate the talent, passion and dedication of our Copart family from across the globe! Meet our next Service Star Spotlight of 2015, Angela McDonald! Angela has been at her current location, Copart St. Louis, for two years as a CSR.

“Angela always tries to help and be courteous.  She never fails to go above and beyond to meet our walk-in customer’s/buyer’s needs,” said Buyer, Eugene Popov.

Check out Angela’s video interview to learn more about her time and experience with Copart!

Advanced Tactical Training at Copart Altoona

From California to Florida and Montana to Alabama, Copart locations across the country host their local first responder agencies by providing safe training environments. Copart is proud to support local community efforts and offers these safe spaces for training. In August, Copart Altoona, Pennsylvania hosted two tactical training events.

The first training was an intermediate extraction training with Nanty Glo, Vintondale, Reade Township and Lower Yoder Fire Companies.

Copart Altoona training.JPG
From left to right: James Smith, Nanty Glo, Cory Campbell, Nanty Glo, Brody Lawrence, Vintondale, William Kovac, Nanty Glo, RJ Wilson, Reade Township, Robert Mayes, Reade Township, Chris Burns, instructor, Christian Tomkosky, Lower Yoder, Bryant Greene, Nanty Glo, heavy rescue officer [not pictured: Jay Jacobson, Nanty Glo, heavy rescue operator]

With the success of the first training, the Nanty Glo Fire Department teamed up with Tactical Advantage Training, LLC to hold a two-day Tactical Extraction class, an advanced extraction training. Copart Altoona was once again eager to offer their land as well as vehicles to use for the Tactical Advantage class.

“This was one of the most exciting events I have ever witnessed!” said Anita Eckenrode, GM of Copart Altoona. “I would like to give a special thanks to my yard supervisor, Tom Shaffer, who staged the vehicles with assistance from loader operator, Ron Shearer.  These guys did an amazing job making sure this event was a great success!”

Led by trainers Isaac Frazier and Christopher King from Tactical Advantage Training, members from Nanty Glo, Jackson Township, Dauntless and Carrolltown Fire Companies attended the training to learn more on the advanced tactics of extracting people from their automobiles after an automobile accident. The class went over new techniques, speed and efficiency, and complex scenarios that fire fighters may face when helping trapped individuals. In addition, a representative from Amkus Rescue Systems and Kaza Fire Equipment, LLC attended and provided insight into the various extraction tools used by the fire companies.

Are You a Good Neighbor?

It’s National Good Neighbor Day today! This is a day where we step back and look at how we can be good neighbors to each other and our surrounding communities—even as a company. Here are some of the many ways Copart strives to be a good neighbor…every day and everywhere.

Mother Nature:

We all share one neighbor, the environment.  Copart is dedicated to protecting and taking care of our environment.  This begins with our locations that house the thousands of vehicles we receive and sell.  We have very strict guidelines for the disposal of fluids and other waste. In just one year, Copart recycled 32.52 tons of material, reduced greenhouse gasses by 103 metric tons and saved nearly four thousand gallons of oil.

Even more, our company is committed to maintaining exceptionally clean and organized facilities for other neighbors who come by and visit. We don’t just rent land to house vehicles; Copart buys the properties we use and takes care of them to get the best results for the company and the best results to protect the environment.

Chamber of Commerce:

Copart locations across the country engage with their local communities and host local organizations in their own locations.

Edited IMG_0635Just this year, Copart Punta Gorda participated in their local Chamber of Commerce community team building event “It’s a Knockout.”  During this event, Copart employees got to know other neighboring businesses in the community and be a part of some great team building activities.ad6


Later in the year, Copart Raleigh held
an open house event for the local Ewin Chamber of
Commerce as a way to welcome their neighboring businesses and other members of the community.  Copart Raleigh was excited to get to know and build relationships with other members of the community and present themselves as good neighbors of the community.

Law Enforcement Agency Partnerships

Copart locations across the country work with their neighboring law enforcement agencies to provide safe places for their training exercises and classes. Copart prides itself on the support they give local law enforcement and one way we show our support is by opening our locations to them. Copart is the perfect setting to train both employees and K-9 units in tactical operations from any law enforcement agency. Law enforcement training has been held in California, Florida, Montana, Alabama, Pennsylvania and Colorado just to name a few!

Copart Family Health & Fitness

It’s National Family Health and Fitness Day today! Let’s take a look at some of the great things Copart family members have done to encourage health and fitness within the Copart family.

Wellness Challenge

The HR Department at Copart launched the Copart Jump Start Your Health Wellness Challenge.  Copart employees were encouraged to build teams and start logging their active minutes during a six-week period. Everyone was motivated to get moving and log their activity. Some did laps around a local mall or walked the stairs at lunchtime, while others chose to participate in Copart’s weekly Run Club on Wednesday nights. The challenge declared a first, second and third place winner for both individuals as well as teams who participated in the challenge in getting fit and healthy for the New Year. Check out our blog post to see who the winners were!


movember2Across the nation, Copart employees formed 21 teams within the MoPart network and grew their beards out to promote men’s health issues, and bring awareness to health risks and issues that predominantly affect men. Employees in the U.S. and Canada both participated and raised money to support this cause for the month of November. This past year, Copart raised $3,378 for the Movember Foundation.  It’s just another way Copart employees support and promote the health of those in the Copart family as well as our own families! Check out the blog post from Copart Movember:

Copart Running Club

At the Dallas HQ office, Copart employees formed a running club. The running club meets every Wednesday evening at Brookhaven College for those who either want to change up their normal running routine or who want to start a new fitness activity.  This running club is a great way to get to know other Copart family members during a healthy outdoor activity that ultimately contributes to your overall health and well-being.

Dodge for a Cause

In June, Copart’s very own dodgeball team, the Copart Crashers, competed in its first ever Dodgeball tournament to support Vogel Alcove, a local Dallas charity that helps and supports young children of homeless families. Thirty-two teams competed in the event to help raise $72,000 for Vogel Alcove. Not only did the team participate in an event that promotes being active, but it benefitted an organization that works to help homeless families get on track with their overall well-being and health.  Way to go Copart Crashers! Check out photos from the event: