Family Friday: Dee Kesselring

Meet our next Service Star Spotlight of 2015, Dee Kesselring! Dee started with Copart in 2008 as a CSR in Columbus, Ohio, then moved to Copart Portland two years later and is now at Copart Portland South as an Office Supervisor.

“She is an asset to her company, she is an exceptional employee, and is always professional and willing to help when needed!” said Vicky Relador, Buyer.

Check out Dee’s interview to learn more about her time and experience with Copart!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month at Copart

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month this year, Copart locations around the world have participated in the campaign to bring awareness to a cancer that affects 1 in 8 women annually. Copart locations in Brazil, the U.K. and throughout the U.S. wore pink this month to show support for those affected by breast cancer. Several Copart locations across the U.S. also participated in fundraisers as a way to raise money for breast cancer treatment and research.

This month served as an important first step to beginning the conversation about the importance of preventative care, showing support for family members during tough times and in understanding the impact breast cancer has on thousands of women annually.

Check out photos from our locations from around the world!

Copart Columbia in South Carolina:


Copart Sikeston in Missouri:


Copart Punta Gorda in Florida: imag0332

Copart Tampa South in Florida:


Copart Atlanta East:


One of our Copart UK locations:

Copart Eldridge in Iowa:


Copart HQ in Dallas:

Copart Brazil:


Copart Chicago North:


Copart London in Ontario, Canada:


Family Friday: Anabel De La Mella

At Copart, we celebrate the talent, passion and dedication of our Copart family from across the globe! Meet our next Service Star Spotlight of 2015, Anabel De La Mella! Anabel is from Miami and began her career at Copart just over two years ago.

“Anabel has been very kind and helpful in the title department. She is always looking for new ways to assist me and she makes sure we don’t get backed up,” said Heyling Valdez, CSR.

Check out Anabel’s interview to learn more about her time and experience with Copart! 

A Birthday to Celebrate!

Copart Eugene in Oregon celebrated a very special birthday in September.  Cecil, a subhauler who works with the location, shared his 75th birthday with the team.

Cecil has been a committed driver with Copart for more than 12 years and has been a long-haul truck driver for 58 years. In addition to his time as a driver, Cecil is also a U.S. military veteran who served in the United States Army for three years.  Throughout his life, Cecil has overcome cancer and other health issues and is committed to his goal to work in his truck until he is at least 80 years old.

As a gift for his birthday this year, the Copart family gave Cecil a custom hat with his nickname “Cecil with the Diesel” on the front.

“He loved it! We want to thank him for all he does,” said April Brock, General Manager of Copart Eugene. “Cecil is the only one who will tow over the mountain when the snow is falling hard, and we have a great partnership with him!”

Cecil says, “The secret to living long and strong: Don’t smoke, don’t drink, eat healthy, work hard and you’ve just got to keep moving!”

Happy Birthday Cecil!

Family Friday: Angela McDonald

At Copart, we celebrate the talent, passion and dedication of our Copart family from across the globe! Meet our next Service Star Spotlight of 2015, Angela McDonald! Angela has been at her current location, Copart St. Louis, for two years as a CSR.

“Angela always tries to help and be courteous.  She never fails to go above and beyond to meet our walk-in customer’s/buyer’s needs,” said Buyer, Eugene Popov.

Check out Angela’s video interview to learn more about her time and experience with Copart!

Copart Family Health & Fitness

It’s National Family Health and Fitness Day today! Let’s take a look at some of the great things Copart family members have done to encourage health and fitness within the Copart family.

Wellness Challenge

The HR Department at Copart launched the Copart Jump Start Your Health Wellness Challenge.  Copart employees were encouraged to build teams and start logging their active minutes during a six-week period. Everyone was motivated to get moving and log their activity. Some did laps around a local mall or walked the stairs at lunchtime, while others chose to participate in Copart’s weekly Run Club on Wednesday nights. The challenge declared a first, second and third place winner for both individuals as well as teams who participated in the challenge in getting fit and healthy for the New Year. Check out our blog post to see who the winners were!


movember2Across the nation, Copart employees formed 21 teams within the MoPart network and grew their beards out to promote men’s health issues, and bring awareness to health risks and issues that predominantly affect men. Employees in the U.S. and Canada both participated and raised money to support this cause for the month of November. This past year, Copart raised $3,378 for the Movember Foundation.  It’s just another way Copart employees support and promote the health of those in the Copart family as well as our own families! Check out the blog post from Copart Movember:

Copart Running Club

At the Dallas HQ office, Copart employees formed a running club. The running club meets every Wednesday evening at Brookhaven College for those who either want to change up their normal running routine or who want to start a new fitness activity.  This running club is a great way to get to know other Copart family members during a healthy outdoor activity that ultimately contributes to your overall health and well-being.

Dodge for a Cause

In June, Copart’s very own dodgeball team, the Copart Crashers, competed in its first ever Dodgeball tournament to support Vogel Alcove, a local Dallas charity that helps and supports young children of homeless families. Thirty-two teams competed in the event to help raise $72,000 for Vogel Alcove. Not only did the team participate in an event that promotes being active, but it benefitted an organization that works to help homeless families get on track with their overall well-being and health.  Way to go Copart Crashers! Check out photos from the event:

It’s National Working Parent’s Day!

It’s working parent’s day today, a national day to pay tribute to those parents who work to provide for their family. Whether it’s one parent or two parents who work to provide for their household, it’s an important part of making sure your family is taken care of and provided for while also maintaining a work-life balance. Let’s explore some articles recently published that take a stab at providing solutions to this growing need.

Our VP of Marketing, Michelle Hoffman talks about the need to establish and re-orient ourselves on this work-life balance perspective in her blog post From Work-Life Balance to Work-Life michelle-hoffman-auto-market-insights-vp-marketingIntegration as originally published on her blog, Auto Market Insights. This post explores the concept of a work-life integration as an alternative to the traditional work-life balance as a means of maintaining the same flexibility, but responding to the evolving work day. Further, Michelle offers some helpful solutions to combat this “never-ending cycle of the accumulation of work-induced stress,” which includes “eliminating all boundaries,” “setting attainable goals,” “encouraging a healthy environment and culture” and “defining your career path.” Check out the article to read the great advice our VP gives working parents from both her personal experience as a mother and as an experienced professional.

At Copart, we believe in the importance of family
and its pricelessness and value.  In the work-life balance blog post, our HR Generalist, Christina Blotzer talks about her experience as a new mom who is attending college and working full time with Copart.  Christina is thankful for the opportunities Copart offers its employees, including the great tuition reimbursement program, the great benefits and the office atmosphere. Christina offers advice to new parents and working parents attending school to help achieve this balance.  Check out the blog featuring Christina and her advice.

shutterstock_256121332The Huffington Post recently published an article titled Most Americans Think Companies Should Do More To Help Working Parents. This article explains the challenges working parents face either when entering back into the workforce after having a child or when trying to establish a work-life balance with their families. The article points to the incoming millennial-aged work-force and how “sixty-three percent of those under age 30 say companies should do more.” Moreover, for all parents, “thirty-one percent of parents who are currently working said allowing more flexible work hours would be the most useful policy to help working parents.” Check out the article to learn more about what the Huffington Post reports regarding this road block both companies and working parents are trying to get through.

Sports, Copart and Family

This month, Copart employees around the country participated in this year’s Sports Appreciation Day. This was a great day to Celebrate our people and unite around a common interest.

Check out the photos from different Copart locations and see all the sports teams Copart employees root for!