Registration Now Open: Travel the Copart Road Challenge

The Travel the Copart Road Challenge is a great way to motivate yourself and your coworkers on the path to great health all the while visiting some of Copart’s locations across the U.S.!

Complete the challenge by reporting at least 300,000 steps and earn 25 Copart Benefit Activity points toward the raffle to win gift cards, Fitbits or an Apple iWatch!

To register for the challenge, please log in to your wellness portal at

  • Click on the Challenge tab at the top of the home page screen.
  • Select to register as an individual or a team. Teams must have a minimum of two participants, and a maximum of six.
  • Log back into the wellness portal on July 8, when reporting opens, and begin tracking your steps during the six-week challenge.
  • Registration is required to participate.

This challenge requires the use of device tracking. Participants will not be able to self-report their steps into the challenge.

Don’t forget to sync your activity tracking device for the challenge! Visit Settings on the home page, then select Authorize Device and follow the instructions to sync your device and have your steps data automatically be reported for the challenge.

Log in to on your desktop or mobile device to register today!


Minute Monday: Easy DIY Mardi Gras Office Party Tips

Want to do something fun and simple for your office to celebrate the closing of Mardi Gras this year? Here a few ideas to keep your team motivated throughout Fat Tuesday (Mar. 5, 2019).

1). Bring The King Cake


Make your own king cake to share with coworkers. Whoever finds the traditional plastic baby inside becomes the king of the party!

2). Team Build: DIY King’s Crowns


Want to be a king for the day? Book a conference room, gather some supplies and have your team make their own crowns!

3). Mardi Gras Straws!


Add some extra flair. Serve your drinks with these festive straws.

4). Easy DIY Goodies


Get your team excited with some Mardi Gras-themed treats and decorations.


Spam vs. Phishing Emails

When filtering through your email inbox, it is important to know the difference between spam and phishing messages. Copart’s IT Security Team wants you to be aware of which one is dangerous to your personal information!

Spam is an advertisement or unsolicited sales message that may clutter your inbox. Spam messages do not try to get your sensitive information like a phishing message would. To block spam emails, select Junk and click “Block Sender.”

Phishing is a cybercrime in which hackers can steal your passwords, bank account login information, or your Social Security Number. If you click on any links or download any attachments in a phishing email, it is important to report the issue, notify the Service Desk, and change your password immediately.


Reporting Phishing Emails

All Copart Employees will have the new phishing button pictured below starting in mid-January:


If you suspect you have received a phishing email, do not click on any links! Report the email by:

  1. Clicking the Report Phishing button
  2. Sending the message to

Please remember to only report phishing emails, not spam.

Copart Service Desk Contact Information:

PHONE: US : +1 775-770-1880
UK : 01234762214



Minute Monday: 5 Easy Christmas Decoration Ideas

It’s never too late to start decorating your home and/or office with holiday decor! All it takes is a little bit of time, effort and creativity to turn any room into a Winter Wonderland.

Here are five DIY holiday decoration ideas that we recommend trying out:

1) Fake a Roaring Fireplace

Faux Chalkboard Mantel

2) Advent Calendar for Kids

3) Paper Link Garland

4) Paw-fect Ornaments


5) Pallet Decor

How cute and cozy are these ideas? We hope you are in the festive spirit! We can already hear the bells jingling and carolers singing!

Share with us your holiday spirit in the comments below or on Instagram! Don’t forget to tag your posts with #TeamCopart & #CopartChristmas.

Minute Monday: Proper Posture Exercises

During the workday, you might spend a majority of your time hunched over while looking at screens and papers. When you’re not at work, maybe you’re driving, lounging on the couch or eating dinner at the table. Do you notice how all this sitting affects your posture?

Poor posture leads to strain on the body’s muscles and ligaments while also leaving us fatigued at the end of the day. Learn some simple exercises to help strengthen these areas and improve your levels of stress on the spine:

Shoulder Blade Pinches (pinch you shoulder blades together, rotate arms outward)

Chin Tucks (tuck your chin in and pull your head straight back)

Upper Trap Stretch (side bend, ear to shoulder)

Levator Trap Sretch (side bend with slight rotation, nose to armpit)


Other Suggestions: Proper set up at your desk will help promote and enforce proper posture. Always keep your knees at a 90 degree angle, shoulders back and chin down.


What helps your body stay energized throughout the day? Let us know in the comments.

Minute Monday: Fall Treats

In an earlier post, we talked about fall decorations. Well, what about fall treats?

To help you get into the festive mood, here are some recipes that you can try out!

These fall treats include ingredients such as pumpkins, apples and caramel. They’re also mouth-watering delicious!

Our favorite fall treat fro this list are the pumpkin spice waffles. Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside and gluten-free for the folks that are allergic! What’s your favorite fall treat? Share with us in the comments bellow!

Get to know Copart VP of Marketing Michelle Hoffman

This month, Michelle Hoffman, Copart VP of Marketing was interviewed on Splash Media’s CMO Go Show to discuss her career and marketing industry insights. Michelle started in media and public relations, but quickly found her passion in Marketing and Analytics. She shares what it’s been like working for Copart, a technology-based company and social media trends over the past few years.

Michelle talked about how content marketing has shifted to social media and what it means to have enthusiasts, social influencers, and brand ambassadors help shape this new framework in the industry.

“What’s important is to stay with the trends, and sometimes they turn into something bigger, like social media…you don’t want to be the follower. You want to be the leader in this. Sometimes that means taking risks with technology,” Michelle says. “It’s really about understanding what’s coming up right now and how it could impact your business in a positive or a negative way.”

The conversation shifted to the topic of relationships in the workplace and how important it is to find people who can push you to be your best self. Michelle had a mentor throughout her career that helped her rise to leadership in marketing. “Unless you have somebody that can help prop you up to guide you along the way, you have to learn it yourself,” Michelle says.

Check out the interview here:

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Minute Monday: Colors in the Workplace

How we decorate our work area affects our productivity. While keeping plants on our desks to boost our productivity and minimizing distracting objects are important, colors also play a huge role.

Just like how yellow is an optimistic color and boosts your mood positively, green represents nature and will calm the area you’re in. Red is a fierce color and increases the energy of the room. However, despite all these colors, blue is definitely the way to go.

Copart uses the color blue, and it’s called Copart Blue. There’s a good reason why:

When you think of blue, you think of the sky and the oceans. Imagine that beach view. Blue is calming and when you’re calm, you’re able to think harder and build inspiration with ease. Being calm also helps increase your focus.

There’s no wonder Facebook, Dell and many other companies also opted for blue as their brand color. Blue is an all-around great color to help you de-stress and be productive!

So, start decorating your workspace with dashes of blue like a blue tissue box holder, a blue pencil/pen cup holder or a blue picture frame. The possibilities are endless!

Share with us what color helps you stay productive in the comments!