Copart Assists With Heavy Lift Helicopter Vehicle Recovery

Copart team members in Oregon recently assisted one our Sellers with a spectacular vehicle recovery mission. The effort required a heavy lift helicopter to retrieve a fallen truck from a 1,000-foot canyon in the Callahan Mountains. In partnership with T&M Towing and Croman Corporation, the team was able to safely recover the vehicle.

The experience was a great example of the lengths our vendors are willing to go for Copart and our Sellers! They came home with some amazing images. Take a look:

Copart Wins “2019 Award of Distinction” For Catastrophe Team Brochure

Copart, a global online auto auction company, was awarded with the “2019 Award of Distinction” by the Communicator Awards recognizing the excellence of the Copart Catastrophe (CAT) Team Brochure, a 24-page look at the amazing work being done by this team.

Within the brochure, you’ll find insights and data about the CAT Team’s processes and how the team promotes the best possible outcomes for their Sellers. The CAT Team is comprised of a trained group of Copart employees and volunteers who travel onsite to areas after natural disasters occur. Working closely with their Sellers, they recover, store and sell salvaged vehicles quickly and efficiently – allowing these communities to get back on their feet.

“The Communicator Awards is the leading international awards program recognizing big ideas in marketing and communications. Founded over two decades ago, The Communicator Awards receives over 6,000 entries from companies and agencies of all sizes, making it one of the largest awards of its kind in the world.” –

Congratulations Copart Family for this wonderful accomplishment!

CAT-Hero - Copy

Copart Q3 2019 Service Star Winners Announced

Service Stars are nominated by both their peers and Copart customers for exceeding all expectations and delivering five-star service. These employees go above and beyond to serve their customers and coworkers.

See the full winner list below:

Yard Number Winner Yard Number Winner Yard Number Winner
1 Felipe Sanchez 66 Dylan Parker 149 Audrey Hunter
2 Vicente Aguilar Cuevas 67 Marcia Ehrlich 152 Ruth Collis
3 Dulce Alarcon 68 William Thompson 153 Renita Fulger
4 Eduardo Carlos 70 Jessica Rahrig 154 Sherman Bolen
5 Michael Espinoza 71 Dawn Deaton 155 George Ricker
6 Andrea Avila 72 Sammuel Olvera 156 Mandi Ruh
9 Israel Rodriguez 74 Alysia Turner 157 Barbara Layne
11 Celio Martinez 75 Jessica Pritchard 159 Marlana Franzel
12 Domingo Ybarra 78 Arcenio Mayen Mejia 160 Clint Spradlin
10 Alejandra De La Cruz 79 Beth Schubert 162 Chris Lopreste
13 Berenice Baltazar 81 Richard Kesteloot 164 Amanda Dahl
14 Stacey Sharp 82 Arielle Pannell 166 Markita Bedford
15 Robert Caldwell 83 James Brown 167 Gregory Hill
16 Mohini Ram 85 Neil Chadwick 175 Melissa Lackey
17 Belen Campos 86 Jesus Lara 180 Evelin Aviles
18 Jonathan Harker 87 Melyna Vargas Avila 181 Jose Lebron
19 Shannon Nation 88 Leonard Royster 182 James Quillin III
20 Jeffrey Hargis 89 Travis Bowman 186 Daniel Huerta
21 Hayli Nichols 90 Jessica Henderson 187 Tanisha Davis
22 Tonya Cooper 91 Juan Calderon-Jimenez 188 Jessica Perry
23 Josue Maisonet 92 Sheila Whitaker 189 Josh Borkowski
24 Paul Gondolfo, Jr. 93 Joshua Goss 191 Jenna Sutter
25 Geoffrey Whorrall 96 Brandy DelaPaz 192 Shelby Sulzen
26 Austin Hillegass 97 Alyssa Soto 193 Brooke Bailey
27 Carolyn Rainville 98 Ruth Moore 196 Casey Dyson
28 Corey Veres 100 Hector Mendez Ramirez 197 Monica White
29 Lisa Kelley 102 Stephanie Green 199 Paul Letendre
30 Plutarco Chirino 103 Janelle Glover 201 Lydia Lo Manto
31 Kayla Rostien 105 Mercedes Espinosa 202 William Ritchie
33 Evanjelina Rodarte 106 Andrew Rouse 203 Elizaveta Smirnova
34 Vylma Muniz Pacheco 107 Winston Sinclair 204 Jackie Blake
36 Christopher Winchester 108 Samantha Sforza 205 Nathalie Boudreau
37 Emily Fryer 110 Patricia Tulafono 206 Janic Breau
38 Shonda Nedd 111 Randy Brnich 207 Carol Ann Ingram Power
39 Ricardo Hernandez 112 Chris Walk 313 Logan Weiche
40 Jaylon Bradley 114 Ashley Edwards 321 Quintavious Love
41 Alden Roseman 116 Christina Kuntz 338 Donita Hartsfield
42 Ashleigh Hubbell 117 Austin Hogan 565 Kristie Golden
45 Sarai Calderon 118 Brad Vandermolen 573 Garrott Brewer
47 Nicole Aguilar-Chacon 120 Sarah Hering  579 Katie Roberts
48 Lynnette Erickson 122 Danny Cochran 580 Amanda Albert
49 Keri Meerbergen 123 Jeremy Ziegler 581 Jeremy Ervin
50 Tyshonia Morris 130 Spencer Keys 583 RoseAnn LaMacchio
51 Christina Garner 131 Michael Spinner 584 Natisha Sherman
52 Andrew Mason Forcier 134 Zachary Boone 585 Audrey Ruch
54 Rondy Wynn 135 Bradley Miller 590 Ashlee Flannery
55 Sylvester Walker 136 Franklin Jones 709 Arlinda Painter
56 Niquanna Mack 137 William Spears 715 Morgan Terranova
57 Rafaela Corona 139 Shawn Tucker 723 William An
58 Kayla Conte 141 Chris Smith 740 Marcelina Brannon
60 David Engelbrecht 142 Corey Sanko 742 David Tuck
61 Allyssa Butler 143 Megan Majors 810 Abigail Dominguez
62 Joseph Alonzo 144 Kyle Circello 980 Melody Brantner
63 Joshua Ramsey 145 Frances Collins 981 Dyan Beck
64 Billy VanTassell 146 Samantha Mundo 982 Tomasina Morgan-Moore
65 Jacqueline De Leon 148 Amado Estrella

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Nominate a Service Star at

Timmy Davis Celebrates 20 Years at Copart

Copart Baton Rouge was happy recognize Load Operator Timmy Davis for 20 dedicated years with Copart. The team celebrated with delicious cake!


Do you have a Copart Milestone of 20, 25 or 30+ years with the company?


Send your photos to Copart Communications.

Copart CEO Jay Adair Honored at 2019 “Good Neighbor Awards”

Copart CEO Jay Adair was recognized by the United States-Mexico Chamber of Commerce during their prestigious “Good Neighbor Awards” dinner and gala in Washington, D.C. Jay was awarded the “Private Sector Leadership Award” for his strong partnership with the organization.

“In recognition to Copart’s innovative operations in the U.S., Mexico and worldwide, which has made the company a global leader in online vehicle auctions, and also for the longstanding support to the United States-Mexico Chamber of Commerce mission to increase trade and investment between both countries.” – Release from the United States-Mexico Chamber of Commerce

Read the full article here.


Copart Las Vegas Throws Football-Themed Retirement Party

Let’s take a moment to celebrate our people! We are proud to cherish our employees from start to finish. Hear from Copart Las Vegas Assistant General Manager Michelle McClellan on how her yard celebrated a beloved employee’s departure:

“On Friday May 17, 2019, Yard Agent Broderick Fulton completed his last day with Copart! He is retiring with 7759 days under his belt. That equates to 21 years and 3 months! We celebrated in style with Broderick’s favorites, a BBQ lunch from Famous Dave’s & his favorite carrot cake from Freeds Bakery.

Since Broderick is a die hard Raiders fan, he received an autographed picture and jersey from his favorite player Ken Stabler in honor of his commitment to Copart for the past 21 years. We are really going to miss you! Hope you’ll enjoy every minute of your retirement!”


Copart Direct/CashforCars Employee Spotlight: Tim Jordan

Did you know Copart Direct/ has several remote agents throughout the country, including Canada? Today, we are highlighting our longest serving employee—Tim Jordan.

What is your role?tim Direct Vehicle Purchasing Remote Agent. I’m responsible for handling all requests of customers looking to sell their vehicles.

Where are you located?
Chicago, Illinois

When did you join Team Copart?
I’ve been with Copart since August 2011.

You have a lot of sales experience and are consistently featured in Breakfast of Champions. What did you do prior to Copart?
After obtaining a business degree, I worked as a Reconditioning Manager for 15 years for another automobile auction company.

What is your first car?
I prefer motorcycles. I have a 1982 Honda Twinstar that I still own today!
*cue Born to Be Wild*

Copart Brazil Honored with Excellence in Auction Service Award

Our team in Brazil was awarded the “Spotlight/Excellence in Auction Service” Award for the insurance industry by Revista Segurador Brasil, a popular Brazilian Insurance Magazine. The team was thrilled to attend the award ceremony where many industry representatives were present. Congrats to Copart Brazil!