Q3 Service Star Awards Winners Announced

Congratulations to our Copart Service Star winners for Q3 of Fiscal Year 2022. These team members were nominated by coworkers and/or customers for going above and beyond to deliver five-star service. We thank them for their dedication to making Copart a great place to work. See the full winner list below. Nominate a Service Star today.

Q3 Service Star WinnersRegionName
204Canada WestCynthia Dyck
145Central SouthernMisty Brooks
157Central SouthernAngela Rodriguez
114Central SouthernWilliam  “Ryan” Daugherty
66Central SouthernKristina Alexander
136Central SouthernSarah Leblanc
341Central SouthernNancy Vazquez Hutto
107Central SouthernMisty Cole
583Central SouthernStephanie Perez
146Central SouthernMeka Boston
175Central SouthernKelsey Hazelwood
187Florida NorthLashonda Cuyler
34Florida NorthMatthew Masse
108Florida NorthSarah Cornett
70Florida SouthJelisa O’Farrill
55Florida SouthKim Arroyo Torres
105Florida SouthStephanie Iglesias
86Florida SouthJesus Lara
148Florida SouthAngel Sanchez
163Florida SouthChristopher Batts
HQHQEva Nors
HQHQLaurie Chapman
HQHQBrenda Oddo
61Northern Great LakesRosemary Kapsa
189Northern Great LakesNicki Williams – Gaddis
36Northern Great LakesPatrick Tinley
159Northern Great LakesAnna Carlson
584Northern Great LakesHailey Tillman
581Northern Mid AtlanticRebecca “Becky” Tussing
194Northern Mid AtlanticFrancine Lewis
24Northern Mid AtlanticHeather Koskie
342Northern Mid AtlanticJessica Lucas
102Northern Mid AtlanticEugen Chirculescu
102ANorthern Mid AtlanticShantel Blake
586Northern Mid AtlanticShaina Raines
166Northern Mid CentralLogan Cox
128Northern Mid CentralDanielle Owens
142Northern Mid CentralAshley Daubenhauser
112Northern Mid CentralAdam Skinner
28Northern Mid CentralSherry Cunnane
85Northern Mid CentralSteve Perchak
174Northern Mid CentralBarry Gazdag
26Northern Mid CentralNicholas Skilton
129Northern Mid CentralAarron Lauer
89Northern Mid SouthernAshley O’Neill
27Northern New EnglandJames Carleen
53Northern New EnglandStacey McDonald
155Northern New EnglandBrenda Taylor
350Northern New EnglandShawn LaCross
23Northern New EnglandJoshua Castonguay
90Northern New EnglandMony Prim
149Northern New EnglandAndrea Callinan
361Northern New EnglandKara Willis
94Northern NY and NJKatelynn LeClaire
344Northern NY and NJLeah Adams
35Northern NY and NJNoelle Peterson
338Southern CarolinasMarie Fipps
197Southern CarolinasLyndsey Mizell
144Southern CarolinasThomas Pittman
357Southern GulfYanire Franco
84Southern GulfAshley Blankenship
45Southern North TexasJaime Tarango
181Southern North TexasDaniel Garcia
185Southern North TexasTiffany Currie
182Southern North TexasMary Cremonese
52Western Central PlainsToni Pettit
39Western Central PlainsPatrick O’Connor
80Western Central PlainsRachel Hagerty
192Western Central PlainsJacob Baker
191Western Central PlainsRyan Mitchell
308Western Central PlainsMatthew Witt
106Western Central PlainsKayla Rada
18Western MidwestDionne Merriweather-Lewis
60Western MidwestAlicia Sanchez
37Western MidwestSkyler Harris
140Western MidwestCourtney Cameron
19Western MidwestMichael Andrews
125Western MidwestErika Robbins
47Western MountainSoany Castaneda Gonzalez
68Western MountainTraci Wright
193Western MountainJennifer Zercher
17Western MountainLauren Anderson
75Western MountainColleen Randall
120Western MountainWendy Montoya
515 Vegas CTUWestern PacificRayven Mervin
57Western PacificKaren “Nina” Vizcaino
343Western PacificAlyssa Brickey
100Western PacificMeagan Greener
6Western PacificMaria “Ruby” Trigueros
3Western Pacific  Luis Melgar
110Western Pacific NWCheryl Aho
116Western Pacific NWBrooke Sutton
48Western Pacific NWMallory Ford
64Western Pacific NWCynthia Witters
72Western Pacific NWAaron Tague
71Western Pacific NWAbrahan Hernandez
9Western Pacific NWCarrie Preisinger
104Western Pacific NWTyben Albert
336Western Pacific NWIngrid Delreal
134Western Pacific NWGuadalupe Jaimes
10Western Southern CaliforniaSandra Contreras
4Western Southern CaliforniaAbel Carrera
97Western Southern CaliforniaLorena Bojorquez

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