Copart Service Star Winners Announced for Q1 FY2021

Copart Service Star winners are nominated by both their peers and Copart customers for exceeding expectations and delivering five-star service. These employees go above and beyond to serve their customers and coworkers. Congrats to our Q1 winners who are starting off fiscal year 2021 with a big impact. You can find the full list and submitted photos below.

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2Gabriella Rios  102Shaina Raines
3Sandra Irwin104Andrew Vandenheuvel 
4Edgar Carreon105Stephanie Iglesias
6Elena Medina106Terri Lorenz 
9Adam Altemus 107James Harvey
10Irma Sanchez111Denise Campriana 
11Jacinto Lona, Jr. 112SaraLee Collazo
12Clemente Valdespino115Savanna Davis
13Michelle Edwards118Tyler Campbell
15Robert Caldwell 123Carolyn Peterson
16Julissa Sagastume128John Miller
17Shelly Parks130Jim Shields
19Racheael Granado135Shari Zara 
21Rick Graddy136Kristina Alexander
22Trameka Witt140Autumn Richardson 
23Kristina Morin142Carol Kraser 
24Thomas Emerick144Tara Coffey
25Jen Delamater146Debbie Dispain
26Sharon Maggs 148Daniella Corrales
30Jackie Brandt149Audrey Hunter
32David Glascock151Vanessa Gonzalez Linares
33Karen Zapata-O155Liz Mills 
34Melissa Cruz 156Angel Gonzalez 
35Tammi Dunn159Mary Gniewek
36Dustin Hodge163Dwayne Green  
37Missy Stramer164Thomas Hrabina 
38Naomi Kersey 169Oscar Iniguez
41Marlene Janss 174Sean Carter 
42Mike Lee 180Laura Montano
43Francisco Trujillo181Natoya Smith 
45Angelica Morales 186Odalys Benitez
47Mike Bell 189Lottie Eck
50Nicole Thompson 191Jessica Delfosse 
51Samantha Ackerson 192Chloe Hugley 
52Tyler Russell193Reid Wiebler 
53Farrah Griffin194John Mitchell
54Raven Raing199Jennifer Reaves
56Robin Ross 201Bryce Cunning
57Mataata Semaia 202Kevin Nethercott 
61Courtney Wilson 204Jackie Blake 
62Nathaniel Isler-Williams338Joseph Pait 
64Celia McCormick 342Chelsea Burns 
66Nicole Green343Jason Byers
67Trina Latham 344Samantha Page 
68Christian Casanas350Erin Gillane
70Gary Jewett513Ha Nguyen
71Loni Torres515Shanna Lopez 
74Crystal Zapata583Kimara James
78Kristie Sanchez 584Natisha Sherman 
80 Cortney Gonier586Jessie Plunkert 
82Scott Gray590Lance Perez
84Donna Pearson 840Michael Teems 
85Luke Nabors 980Shawna Duncan
87Tina Wynn 55Devesh Kissoon 
88Leonard Royster, Jr. 585Harlie Hurst
90Amanda Freitas709 CAAaron Scott 
92Fawne Anderson 503 CAT TeamJessica Reeves 
97Salvador Orozco, Jr.731 Corp. AffairsRebekah Todd
98Cindy Prestidge 710 FinanceJake Scaff

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