Boss’s Day: Celebrating the Many Great Leaders of Copart

Strong leaders guide, support and challenge you to learn and grow in your career. In addition to setting your team’s goals, they also go to great lengths to ensure you are on the right track for personal success. We thank all Copart leaders for their support through the years. Employees sent in their praises and stories about their bosses. See below for our submissions.

Copart CEO Jay Adair is celebrated for his 50th birthday and Boss’s Day with a singing telegram.

“The best boss in the world. Beautiful on the inside and out! Someone who truly puts others first.”

-Executive Assistant Rebekah Todd to Executive Support Manager Melissa Hunter

Memory: “Celebrating the infamous CDS division’s victories with bosses Brett Adair and Ken Rion!”

-Global Account Manager CDS Michael Chapin

“One of my favorite memories of my bosses is when they all came up to Chicago for the town hall meeting in 2018. They worked with us during the day and in the evening, we had a cookout with tons of great food and good times. Thank you, Brett, Ken, and Mike, for all you do and the great leadership you provide. I wouldn’t be where I am today without you! Have a great Boss’s Day.” – CDS Account Manager Mark Flesher

“Our GM, Alex Alderman, at Yard 88 is the BEST!  He has sacrificed his family in SC for us (his Copart family) at Yard 88 in Tifton, GA.  Alex took the GM position and travels back home (5 hours) every other weekend to see his wife and 3 young children and has done so for over a year and a half.  So, when I say sacrificed, he truly has sacrificed! Our employees LOVE Alex, and his leadership is outstanding!  We are truly blessed to have him as our GM!  I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to him from his CRAZY 8’s! WE LOVE YOU ALEX!” – Assistant General Manager Melanie Johnson to Alex Alderman

  1. You become smart when he is your mentor
  2. You get confidence when he behind you
  3. You become responsible when he trust you
  4. We understand you and always like you Boss 😊

-QA Test Lead Gowtham Manoharan to QA Manager, Yards Sumit Dua

“Autumn is an absolute pleasure!  She knows how to get the job done and keep office morale high!”

-Customer Service Representative Elizabeth Espinoza to Office Manager Autumn Beastie

“Ryan Olenick is not only one of the greatest teachers, and leaders in general but just an all around great guy. So, why not celebrate this all around great guy on his 40th birthday while he takes time away to celebrate for himself? We made sure he had work to do when he returned by decorating him entire office.”

-Assistant General Manager Tiffany Evans to General Manager Ryan Olenick

“I am so thankful for my boss, Jeff Dunlap for always challenging me to improve and grow,  for listening when I have an opinion to share and valuing my opinion,  for supporting me and trusting me to lead our team. His leadership and mentorship have meant a lot in this challenging year and every year. This photo was taken at our Global Leadership Conference. Jeff was taking my husband and I on a tour of Willis’ Ranch.”

-General Manager Brandi Yorski to Director of Insurance Services Jeff Dunlap

“My Boss is small but MIGHTY! She has been with Copart for I think 29 years. She wears many different hats. She is the Office Manager, she is a CSR and she is also a Dispatcher. She continually encourages me daily and is just always there if I need her with answers to my  MANY questions  and support with my daily functions in the office. I appreciate her dedication as a leader and for just being good person in general.  She is awesome.” – Customer Service Representative Nedra Wells to Office Manager Aritta McCune

Rachel Hiner and team.

“I would love to honor my boss, my mentor, CA CTU’s GM Rachel Hiner! When this gal celebrates our people, she truly means it, she puts forth an effort into making our team members feel valued and appreciated.  When our OMs and OSs host a fun Spirit Week such as the above, Rachel participates in the challenges, demonstrating unity within our team. Rachel is an excellent leader, she has shaped a strong team over here at the CA CTU, by supporting the development of each management team member and staff member.  Her strong work ethic and example help our team stay focused and determined to Get Results daily. Go Rachel GO!!!” -Assistant General Manager Crystal Viray to General Manager Rachel Hiner

Contracts & Purchasing Team led by Ernie Carrasco

The Contracts & Purchasing Team is like a family. Always working to uplift, motivate, help each other, and that’s all because of Ernie Carrasco – the best boss ever. He is an amazing mentor and our team is thriving under his leadership. Everyone on the team has become (and continues becoming) better workers as he knows how to bring out the best in us. He is always there to support and guide us, and everyone who knows Ernie will agree. We set goals and Ernie makes it a priority to help us achieve those goals. The last few months were not easy, but he made sure that our team is kept motivated and is coping well to the new normal. His leadership and words of encouragement have shaped us all into the team we are today. Hope no one is jealous that we have such a great boss 😉 On behalf of the Contracts & Purchasing Team – we all thank you Ernie for being our boss and hope to continue growing alongside you in the future (forever).

Yard 107 celebrates their boss, GM Tiffany Todd!

Memories are too many to count. Cherie Hargrove has provided me mentorship I haven’t received in the previous companies I’ve worked for.  Her commitment to her people and the team are unprecedented and she’s always been there to lead, answer questions and give guidance to me in my past 5 years as a GM.  Cherie’s industry experience dates back to N.E.R. and her vast amount of knowledge, commitment to her team and relationships within Copart and outside of the organization have been the cornerstone of the New York Region. Happy National Boss Day, Cherie.

-General Manager Mike Cassata to Regional Manager Cherie Hargrove

I would just like to take the opportunity to give thanks to yard 82’s GM, Wendy Farris.  I could not narrow it down to one singular event etc. as on a daily basis she never fails to impress me with her dedication and hard work.  Wendy consistently, gives her best to everything and everyone at the yard.  On any given day, no matter how busy Wendy is, she is always willing to listen if an issue arises, and offer assistance, not only to her own employees, but to buyers, sellers, and other yards. Wendy exemplifies professionalism and integrity, and is a great communicator, both inspiring and honest and we are so fortunate to have her!! 

-Title Clerk Ellen Crews to General Manager Wendy Farris

I’m not sure if he would say it was good or bad luck that his office was placed right off the front counter, but to the rest of us, it’s our good fortune.

Customer Service Representative Clairesea Perkins to General Manager Greg Mainello

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