Continuing Education at Copart

Copart proudly offers employees several learning opportunities to grow their careers such as leadership development courses, language learning and internship programs. Additionally, Copart offers team members access to a tuition reimbursement program for those interested in continuing their education. Copart knows that constant learning and personal development are vital to achieving your career goals, which is why we offer so many opportunities to do so. Visit to search for current job openings or to apply to join our team.

Here are a few words from current employees in the reimbursement program:

Cynthia Mims – Auction Coordinator – Dallas, TX

When did you take courses and what did you study?

My courses started in March 2020 and ended in May 2020. I studied Business Management with a minor in Entrepreneurship.

Why did you choose this? 

The reason I selected business management is to be able to pursue a career in management at Copart.

 Has it changed anything for your work or personal life so far? 

Yes, many things have changed recently regarding my work and personal life, but school has been a tool to help me with time management.

Overall, what is it like balancing work and school? 

Balancing work and school was definitely a challenge, but I have embraced the challenge and used it as a tool to help me improve with time management.

Daneisha Mack – General Manger -North Charleston

When did you start taking courses and when will they be complete? 

I started my master’s program August of 2017 and will earn my degree August 2020.

What are you studying and why did you choose this? 

I am studying Human Resource Management. I chose Human Resource Management for a couple reasons: I enjoy being able to help develop employees to their full potential and not only recognize their goals, but by exceeding them. Additionally, I take pride in being in a position that influences positive change in the lives of others. This field of business is integral to the overall success of any company, because of this, I naturally was attracted to it.   

Has it changed anything for your work or personal life so far? 

I am in the final year of completing my Masters, and currently utilizing the information I have learned over the last few years in my role as General Manager. For example, I am working on developing my employees, optimizing staffing, understanding organizational behavior, being privy to employment law and knowing the importance of compensation and benefits.

Overall, what is it like balancing work and school? 

Going to school is like having a second full time job, it requires commitment and consistency. My outlook calendar of alerts is almost never silent. Fortunately, with time, I have been able to find a balance between the two. I enjoy the dichotomy that these two areas of my life have allowed me to develop. 

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