Copart Hosts Company Mask Challenge

Recently, Copart hosted a company-wide mask challenge to see who could create the best homemade face mask. Considering the recent circumstances resulting from COVID-19, the challenge was designed to give employees a chance to show off their creative skills. We received more than 80 creative and crafty entries and we want to thank each of you who participated. Congratulations to the winner, Crystal Viray from our California CTU, who won a $100 Amazon gift card!

Learn more about the winner:

Crystal began her career at Copart in November 2007 as a Customer Service Representative. She has been promoted numerous times with her most recent promotion in March 2020 as Copart’s CA CTU Assistant General Manager.

Why Crystal’s participation in the challenge meant so much to her:

“I am a mother of 4. My husband has been battling cancer for 11 years now and pulmonary hypertension for 2 years now. He was diagnosed with leukemia 8 days before our wedding in April 2009 and has been actively battling ever since. Due to an adverse side effects of the ongoing use of immunotherapy, he developed Pulmonary Hypertension, which nearly killed him in April 2018. Now he battles both chronic illnesses together, lifelong. Neither have a cure.

His cardiologist and oncologist are looking for ways to adapt his treatment to allow his heart and pulmonary pressures to improve while keeping his leukemia cancer cell counts stable but are having a tough time doing this. The goal is one day to get his heart healthy enough for a bone marrow transplant, but we have not been able to find a match. Along with the support of Asian American Donor Program (AADP), which Copart financially supports, we are on the search for a donor.

Due to COVID-19, we have been sheltering in at home as a family of 6 and as required by Desimond’s panel of doctors. Apart from essential errands, we have not left our home or been allowed to have any visitors including relatives since late March. We mask up every time we leave the home to best protect my husband. The challenges that we face are many, but we keep our heads up the best we can and find ways to encourage others just as others encourage and support us.

 I enjoy crochet, coffee, and all things owls! It made perfect sense for me to crochet a mask with an owl on it. In my spare time I can be found making dozens of hats and ear warmer headbands for kids, teens, and adults battling cancer it is my way to give back. My hobby Facebook page is called Cr8zyboutcrochet.”

How can you help? Visit Crystal’s GoFundMe page to help support her family during these difficult times.

Thanks again to ALL of our participants! See more submissions below.

Note: The use of medical grade masks was not permitted in the challenge.

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