Copart’s Q3 FY20 Service Star Winners Announced

Copart Service Star winners are nominated by both their peers and Copart customers for exceeding expectations and delivering five-star service. These employees go above and beyond to serve their customers and coworkers. Congrats to our Q3 winners who are making a big impact on Team Copart in 2020. You can find the full list and submitted photos below.

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118Cheryl Downey 86Ashley Aubourg
47Cristina Martinez Cardenas 174Rachael Crusan 
142Renae Shaffer 157Francisco Rodriguez 
75Tina Cooper115Tyler Hazelwood
4Heather Jimenez 153Itena Cole 
2Marianna Gonzalez 146Cenitra Arnold 
95Carla Goodman 149Cassandra Zola
139Katie Elencove 141Chris Smith
127Stacy Zeigler140Sydni Roberts 
585Teresa Perry84Shannon Stewart 
360Ashley Ossey 125Cali Ziese 
138Sondra Newsome 128Brandon Henry 
104Tyler Dschaak 123Greg Thomas 
112Dominic Estes 87Courtney McLeod 
34Oscar Sanchez-Miranda106Hayley Sinclair 
97Michelle Valenzuela81Jessica Nelson
110Nicole Mahiai19Shannon Nation 
206Anneke Osburn583Shun Lee 
203Sydney Nail 107Jazz Vargas 
72Griselda Padilla 79Erma Pittari 
70Melissa Largie 71Yaroslav Tytechko 
37Christine Ward102Jessie Plunkert
182Ashley Pellett586Grace Harman
53Stacy Woods 595Deborah Paulowsky
68Christine Rodriguez Baca565Rob Valyou II
54LaTonya Johnson579Katelynn LeClaire
56Jennifer Corley 30Vanesa Vagner
12Domingo Ybarra66Matthew Hamilton
201Shari Kollaard 13Gladney Decker
144Janna Cooke64Brianne Barsness 
29Jason Dountz63Kelly Westbrook
105Flor Yaxon52Michelle Roberts
136Andreia Livingston23Pam Cerutti
187Debbie Dispain 42Angelina  Bell
131Dwayne Green20Brittany Johnson 
180Veronica Madera983Katelyn Broughton
3Patricia La Rue44Sterling Stewart Jr.
204Katherine Regamey 17Elizabeth Shannon
155Tiffany Currier 18Jennifer Cantrell
207Suzanne Hardy25Ellen Woodard
199Amy Richard Tavares41Emilio Quintin 
503Dana Ostroska36Elizabeth Simental
980Molly Lamont9Heidi Webster 
88Alicia Galasso 49Keri Meerbergen 
344Dan Seavy 61Rebecca Th-uot 
338Lateifa Young584Megan Long 
154Hector Badillo Hernandez 51Theresa Wiker
357Tiffany Valle6Vanessa Reyes
581Alexis McClimans33Dayanara Silva
148Jasean Vega590Husam Hamwi 
740Susan Truett24Jackie Dennehy
181Banesa Jimenez-Ramirez16Julissa Sagastume
189Frankie Logsdon 14Eddie Saenz
202Maureen Leong27Danielle Glynn 
10Alejandra De La Cruz742Ting-Yu Lin
76Alicia Miller 98Jerry Gamble
164Tia Melnikoff 57Kim Crouch 
196Christopher Estrada
191Ryan Mitchell 

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