Happy Earth Day From Copart

April 22, 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. This year, we can join the conversation with a global digital mobilization that drives actions big and small. Together, we can make changes that best impact our planet. How are we making a difference?

It starts at our locations.

Over the years, Copart has made a commitment to minimizing its footprint by educating team members on environmentally friendly procedures at our locations. Our teams go above and beyond federal or local laws and regulations to ensure our communities are as minimally impacted as possible.

Owning Our Land – Copart doesn’t just rent land to store vehicles, we actually buy these properties and maintain them ourselves. We take pride in our how we run our operations and make strides to be positive influences on the environment.

Latest Emission Technology – Copart purchases up-to-date equipment with the most advanced emissions on the market, especially our heavy equipment and road truck fleets.

Tire Recapping Program – Since the program’s inception, Copart has recapped thousands of tires in an effort to lessen the effects of tire waste on the environment. Recapped tires are re-manufactured and can be reused again.

Extended Preventative Maintenance Schedule – By extending Copart’s preventative maintenance services, we reduced our annual oil waste by over 13,000 gallons and solid waste by over 1,200 pounds.

Fuel Burn and Idling Reduction Policies – We have reduced overall emissions by 300,000 gallons with the application of policies that promote low-carbon impact at our locations.

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