Internship Insights at Copart, Inc.

Copart’s IT and Marketing Teams hire college students and recent graduates to join its Internship Program. Interns who gain hands-on experience by collaborating and contributing to projects that help develop, market and advance the company’s innovative technology platform. Corporate departments at Copart’s Dallas-based headquarters work with teams across the U.S. and internationally to provide an exceptional customer experience. Hear from a few interns who share how their Copart experience is moving their careers:

“We really had to look at data that most interns would never get the chance to and dig into the numbers to find trends.” -Copart Marketing Intern

“If I could look back at myself 10 months ago and now, I am really proud of what I have become.” -Copart IT Intern

How to Get the Most Out of Your Internship at Copart

You got your dream internship, but now what? How do you make the most out of it? Time flies when you’re not watching and your time as an intern could be over before you know it. Here are some suggestions on how to make the most out of your internship:

List out your tasks daily or weekly

By this, we mean all your tasks. If you’ve attended a meeting, write it down. If you dedicated time to planning an event or filling out paperwork, write it down and specify what it was. That way, by the end of your internship, if you’re a bit lost on what you’ve been doing the entire time, you can look back at your list and realize all the accomplishments you’ve made. It’s also easier for when you go update your resume and pinpoint the major tasks you’ve done.

Set goals

There should always be an established goal for your internship so you can ensure that you’re getting the most out of it. For example, if you’re a social media intern, a great goal would be to increase the number of followers by a certain percent. Another goal could be increasing your knowledge in a specific area or even something as general as learning three new skills.

Find a mentor

This can be anyone you’re working with. The importance of having a mentor isn’t limited to just receiving a great reference letter. Having a mentor means that you’re creating a lasting relationship while also expanding your network. Mentors help guide you through your professional and personal life by sharing their knowledge with you. They’re also your personal cheerleader and role model.

Stay engaged, socialize, connect and network

While it’s important to find a mentor, it’s equally important to socialize with everyone else at your workplace. This increases your network and ultimately creates a work environment that you enjoy. Establishing and maintaining good relationships means you’ll look forward to work more and having a happier mood means better productivity.

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