Copart Finland at Motorcycle Show in Helsinki

Recently, Copart Finland, previously AVK, participated in Helsinki, _DSF9749Finland’s annual Motorcycle Show. The event offered several programs, exhibition booths and welcomed more than 55,000 visitors throughout the weekend.

Copart Finland’s participation at the show was a great success as they hosted various activities including their first specialized VB3 auction. Several motorcycles were brought onsite for participants to place bids on, breaking multiple Copart Finland auction records like bidders per lot, bids per lot and return % to pre-accident value.

A few of the bikes were won at the show and presented onstage. In addition, Copart Memberships were promoted throughout the weekend, bringing hundreds of new Buyer registrations. Awesome job, team!

“The motorcycle show was a great success on all fronts. We saw a lot of interest in our business and a lot of ‘a-ha’ moments from visitors who knew the AVK brand from the past, but haven’t used the new Copart auction platform yet. This was a great opportunity to show what we have to offer, guide them to finish membership registration and bid on the bikes they were interested in,” said Marketing and Member Services Manager Eemeli Kumpulainen.

“We also got insightful feedback from employees who worked at the booth, in the back-office supporting the booth team, or who constructed or deconstructed the booth in its entirety. These insights not only help us to improve our participation at future exhibitions, but also help us to understand our members better.”

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