Spam vs. Phishing Emails

When filtering through your email inbox, it is important to know the difference between spam and phishing messages. Copart’s IT Security Team wants you to be aware of which one is dangerous to your personal information!

Spam is an advertisement or unsolicited sales message that may clutter your inbox. Spam messages do not try to get your sensitive information like a phishing message would. To block spam emails, select Junk and click “Block Sender.”

Phishing is a cybercrime in which hackers can steal your passwords, bank account login information, or your Social Security Number. If you click on any links or download any attachments in a phishing email, it is important to report the issue, notify the Service Desk, and change your password immediately.


Reporting Phishing Emails

All Copart Employees will have the new phishing button pictured below starting in mid-January:


If you suspect you have received a phishing email, do not click on any links! Report the email by:

  1. Clicking the Report Phishing button
  2. Sending the message to

Please remember to only report phishing emails, not spam.

Copart Service Desk Contact Information:

PHONE: US : +1 775-770-1880
UK : 01234762214




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