Get to know Copart VP of Marketing Michelle Hoffman

This month, Michelle Hoffman, Copart VP of Marketing was interviewed on Splash Media’s CMO Go Show to discuss her career and marketing industry insights. Michelle started in media and public relations, but quickly found her passion in Marketing and Analytics. She shares what it’s been like working for Copart, a technology-based company and social media trends over the past few years.

Michelle talked about how content marketing has shifted to social media and what it means to have enthusiasts, social influencers, and brand ambassadors help shape this new framework in the industry.

“What’s important is to stay with the trends, and sometimes they turn into something bigger, like social media…you don’t want to be the follower. You want to be the leader in this. Sometimes that means taking risks with technology,” Michelle says. “It’s really about understanding what’s coming up right now and how it could impact your business in a positive or a negative way.”

The conversation shifted to the topic of relationships in the workplace and how important it is to find people who can push you to be your best self. Michelle had a mentor throughout her career that helped her rise to leadership in marketing. “Unless you have somebody that can help prop you up to guide you along the way, you have to learn it yourself,” Michelle says.

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