Yard 129 Altoona Stops the Bleed

Copart Yard 129 in Altoona, Pennsylvania participated in a training to learn how to “stop the bleed” and perhaps save a life. Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center, a Level 1 Regional Resource Trauma Center, provided Yard Altoona training.

“Stop the Bleed” is a government training provided by hospitals for free and all across the U.S. Uncontrolled bleeding is the number one cause of preventable death from trauma, and this training focuses on resolving the issue.

Yard Altoona learned how to correctly apply tourniquets, a device for stopping blood flow, and what to do if a tourniquet can’t be placed. The purpose of “Stop the Bleed” is to save lives and lower the number of bleed-outs before emergency services arrive at the scene.

“The training was amazing and engaged every Copart employee,” Yard Altoona’s General Manager Anita Eckenrode said. “Something I would recommend is for all yards to reach out to their local hospital for information on ‘Stop the Bleed.’ ”

Yard Altoona’s training included the ABCs of bleeding:

A – Alert medical attention – Call 911

B – Bleeding – Find the bleeding injury

C – Compress – Apply pressure to stop the bleed by…

  1. Covering the wound with a clean cloth and applying pressure by pushing directly on it with both hands OR
  2. Using a tourniquet OR
  3. Packing/Stuffing the wound with gauze or a clean cloth and then applying pressure with both hands

“The class was filled with a lot of useful information that can be used both at work and at home,” a Yard Altoona employee said.

Thank you to Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center for training Yard Altoona in “Stop the Bleed,” and great job to Yard Altoona for taking the initiative to “stop the bleed!”


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