Minute Monday: Colors in the Workplace

How we decorate our work area affects our productivity. While keeping plants on our desks to boost our productivity and minimizing distracting objects are important, colors also play a huge role.

Just like how yellow is an optimistic color and boosts your mood positively, green represents nature and will calm the area you’re in. Red is a fierce color and increases the energy of the room. However, despite all these colors, blue is definitely the way to go.

Copart uses the color blue, and it’s called Copart Blue. There’s a good reason why:

When you think of blue, you think of the sky and the oceans. Imagine that beach view. Blue is calming and when you’re calm, you’re able to think harder and build inspiration with ease. Being calm also helps increase your focus.

There’s no wonder Facebook, Dell and many other companies also opted for blue as their brand color. Blue is an all-around great color to help you de-stress and be productive!

So, start decorating your workspace with dashes of blue like a blue tissue box holder, a blue pencil/pen cup holder or a blue picture frame. The possibilities are endless!

Share with us what color helps you stay productive in the comments!


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