Minute Monday: Help Care for the Environment at Work

Helping the environment doesn’t just benefit our future. It also helps our present.

Here are some small, easy tasks you can do to help the environment daily in our office.

  • Recycle

The office uses so much paper daily. If there isn’t a recycling bin at the office, grab an empty cardboard box and designate it as the new reusable recycling bin. You could also recycle aluminum cans, plastic bottles, etc.

  • Use less fuel to get to work

Carpool with a co-worker that lives near you, take public transport or opt for alternatives like walking or biking if your home and office are close to each other. This could also double as time to bond with your co-worker(s) or exercise.

  • Reduce waste with a cup or tumbler

When everyone uses those Styrofoam cups to drink the office coffee on the daily, you can imagine how many of those your office goes through in a year. Bringing your own cup or tumbler to use is the easiest task you can do to reduce waste.


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