Music that can Help with Productivity

Sometimes we need a little help to stay focused and be productive. Have you considered playing music in the background?

Music can be a great way to help with productivity, at work. However, not all music is cut out to help with concentration. Studies show that music with little to no lyrics is best because it’s less distracting, which is why songs of nature and meditation music are  a few examples that could help you focus.

Here are some genres that may help you concentrate better:

Video Game Music

Video game music is specifically designed to help players focus on tasks in the game without being distracted by the music. The same idea can apply when working.

Classical Music

Proven to help with concentration and focus, classical music is a great starting point to findthat perfect concentration playlist because it’s lyric-less.

Ambient Electronic Dance Music (EDM)

Seeking out EDM to be your source of focus may seem silly. However, there’s a subgenre of EDM called ambient EDM with slow and calm music.

Low Fidelity (Lo-Fi) Music

Lo-Fi music contains technical flaws, such as a distortion, hum or background noise, which may cause the brain to focus better.

Be careful about sound volume. You don’t want the music playing too loud, or too quiet. Find that perfect balance.

You may stumble upon playlists that claim to help you concentrate but may not work for you. Everyone is different in their music preferences, so create a playlist that works best for you.

Share with us what type of music helps you focus on work in the comments down below!


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