Copart Casper: The Little Yard That Could

Copart Casper is a small yard with a big story. Walter Humphrey’s, a U.S. Navy veteran, started off as a Yard Manager at Copart Knoxville but dreamed of being the general manager of his own Copart location. After volunteering for CAT duty in North Carolina, his dream came true. Within six months, Copart Casper transformed into a yard with one of the highest average selling prices in the Mountain Region.

Walter Humphreys and Copart Casper have demonstrated what it means to be an owner and get results. had the opportunity to learn more about Humphreys’ story.


How did you get started with Copart?

I was hired at Copart Knoxville in 2014 as a Yard Manager where I had the privilege of working with people who had been with the company for several years. I would have never made it to where I am today without OM Rhonda Busby and GM Benjamin Lee.

I wanted my own yard. When the job opened, I applied for the opportunity. My kids were ‘Navy Brats’ for six years, so when I came home that day after accepting the position my oldest son asked not if, but when we were moving. The rest is history.

You called Copart Casper “The Little Yard That Could” What do you mean by that?

Much like the children’s story, The Little Engine That Could, we worked hard to make the yard reach its maximum potential. There is no cookie-cutter way to become the best.

The staff and I set up a game plan to accomplish one thing at a time. Kevin Bond gave me a starting point. We made a board of all the things that we could improve. We marked off tasks one-by-one. I knew that we were on the right track.

“Much like the children’s story, The Little Engine That Could, we worked hard to make the yard reach its maximum potential.”

There is no secret. Just make a plan that works for you and pull the trigger. We built a yard by checking one box at a time until we got the results we desired.

You have a diverse team at Copart Casper with two-thirds of the team not being local to the region. How does that diversity benefit your yard?

Diversity gives everyone different perspectives to better leverage the tasks at hand. Different backgrounds make everyone think about things in a different color light. The more heads thinking on an idea, the better.

You’ve mentioned that Copart is family? What does it mean to have that close-knit relationship with your team?

Copart is family, meaning that people here are treated as such and we do whatever is needed to help each other. We treat each other as human beings, not nameless employees. The staff is young in Copart years but we’re coming in hot. They make me proud to be the GM of this yard.


Is there anything else that you’d like to add?

Thanks go out to Benjamin Lee, Rhonda Busby, Kevin Bond, Jared Gadd, Don Purdy and Cordella Brown.


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