You Won’t Be-Leaf the Benefits of Having Plants in the Office

Not only do plants make a room look pretty, but keeping a plant in the office or home also has health benefits and can actually boost productivity!plant_hero.jpg

Some plants can remove volatile organic chemicals and compounds (VOC) and pollutants which is great for cleaning the air. NASA even did a study and named a list of air purifying plants.

A lot of studies actually show plants can boost productivity as much as 15%.

Others have calming scents that can boost the mood of the room. Overall, having plants in the room means better physical and emotional health.

If you don’t have a green thumb, don’t worry! Plants that are low-maintenance exist. You can get by without watering it for a few days or giving it enough sunlight, and still reap the benefits!

Here are some plants to consider:

Spider Plant
The spider plant removes VOC and pollutants from the air, which is why it made NASA’s list of air purifying plants. For those who are easily agitated by dust, this plant is perfect because it absorbs allergens.

What’s more, it’s able to grow in partial sunlight.


Snake Plant
For those who are afraid to test their green thumb, try the snake plant. It’s known to survive in almost any environment, requires little sunlight and is easy to maintain. The snake plant cleans toxins from the air, absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen to let your lungs breathe easily.


Peace Lily
Wanting a prettier plant with petals? The peace lily is great for rooms that lack windows because it needs to be kept in the shade. It removes toxins from the air, reduces levels of mold spores and absorbs harmful vapors. It’s no wonder how it made NASA’s list of air purifying plants. The peace lily is also great for rooms with dry air because it can raise the humidity level in the room.plant_lily.jpg

Another one on NASA’s list of air purifying plants, the aloe purifies the air you breathe. A bonus to the aloe is that it produces aloe gel with can be used to treat sunburns, cuts and scrapes and relieve itch from bug bites. It can also be used to moisturize dry hands and kill bacteria.plant_aloe.jpg

There are many plants perfect for both in the office and at home! Whether you want cleaner air or some natural help in boosting productivity, adding a green buddy to the room may be the right move.


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