Acting with Integrity

Integrity is one of the most common traits that employers seek. But what exactly is integrity and how does it apply to the workplace? It is a trait that defines a person as trustworthy and accountable, the zenith of moral character. When we act with integrity, we can build strong, trustworthy relationships with our customers and coworkers.

It’s no surprise that “Acting with Integrity” is Copart’s first and most important value. It is the founding principle provided the foundation for Copart 36 years ago. Today, our values remain the same.

Team Copart doesn’t just have company values. We live them. Here are three examples of Team Copart living Copart’s Values

1. A Christmas Miracle

Chris Smith, Loader Operator at Yard 141 found an old Christmas card in the yard with $100 in it. Without hesitation, he notified the owner of the holiday card. General Manager Debbie Fisher said, “Chris takes ownership of practicing integrity every single day.”

Chris Smith YD 141

2. Hidden Treasure

Montana Highway Patrol came to Copart Helena to look for a purse that was left in a vehicle. After searching the vehicle, they could not find it in anywhere. However, Blaine Welch from Yard 106 was determined to help the officers find the purse. Blaine went back and found the purse, along with $1,200, hidden in the vehicle. Highway patrol came back to retrieve the purse and it was safely returned to the owner with all its contents. Welch 196

3. Spreading Kindness

After Hurricane Irma hit the coast of Florida, Jeunesse Hodges was told by her insurance company that her flooded vehicle was sent to a Copart yard. Hodges made the trip from Fort Pierce to Okeechobee for one thing—her Mickey Mouse floor mats. Jeunesse received the floor mats in 1997 as a gift and they had been with her through five different mats

When Hodges arrived at Copart Okeechobee, she was taken to her flood-damaged vehicle, but it had already been cleaned out. The floor mats were nowhere to be found. The Copart team at Okeechobee wanted to help Hodges reunite with her beloved car mats. The team searched through all the car mats that had been thrown in the trash. After a three-hour search, the Mickey Mouse mats were never found.

Hodges was so moved by Copart Okeechobee’s kindness that she sent a letter to Regional Manager Ken Houck to share her experience. The team at Copart was so touched by Jeunesse’s letter that they promised to send her new Mickey Mouse floor mats.



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