Benjamin Lee: General Manager and Professional Motocross Racer

Copart Knoxville General Manager, Benjamin Lee, is living a double life. During the work week Lee leads his team at Copart Knoxville, TN, but on the weekend, he is a professional motocross racer.

Ben LeeBenjamin Lee, who has been racing since he was 14, grew up working on his family’s farm and construction business. He built a makeshift track at his parents’ house and did bike repairs on his own. After graduating from the University of Tennessee in 2012, Lee began his career at Copart in the Leadership Development Program. After the LDP program and worked his way to General Manager. Since beginning his career with Copart, he also completed a Copart Catastrophe Response mission in India.

We gave Benjamin a call to learn more about his thrilling double life.

Walk us through a typical day. How do you prioritize your tasks as a General Manager and a professional motocross athlete?

“I work from morning to evening, just managing a Copart location is a huge responsibility. So, I make sure to have my days and weeks planned. Effective time management makes a huge difference in my life.  As a Copart manager, I have been able to work in the week and race on the weekend.

“As a racer, there are no excuses– it’s all on you– and same for being a General Manager.”

I’ve learned a lot of problem-solving skills. I really like what ‘Believe the HY-PE stands for, you know, performing to the best of your ability”

Muddy Creek

You mentioned time management, can you share some tips with us?

“Take control of your tasks. I strongly believe that the best way to manage time is to make a list and make sure it’s done. You can schedule your day before-hand and then you have no excuses. It will result in high performance.”

Share with us your first attempt to your first-ever pro race?

Thunder Valley was my first [race] and I didn’t ride well at all, but it was a great experience. I bought a van on Craigslist a month before the race and my girlfriend and I drove it out there the week before so we could take a vacation. We spent the week trail-riding in the mountains and riding some local tracks. Friday was cool being in the pits with all the people I’ve watched compete for years. Saturday was awesome; going to the riders’ meetings and standing next to Tomac and listening to everything.

I have qualified and won local championships. After the second year of racing in the state championship in 2014, I qualified for international racing and last year I received my pro license.”

Tell us a little bit about your CAT mission in India.

“I traveled with the CAT Response Team to India to help people under several weather-related events. We expanded operations in affected areas immediately upon impact.”

Benjamin Lee and the CAT team helping in Chennai, India

Is there anyone that you would like to thank for supporting you?

“There’s no way I could have made it without my girlfriend, Kerrie, and the Ferguson family for giving me a place to ride. The other folks that help me out are FMF, Jon Boruff with Flo-Vision Decals, No Toil, Honda of Prestonsburg, GET Data, Mika Metals, and Dunlop.”


We enjoyed learning about Benjamin and his career both as a General Manager and Motocross racer. Thank you for sharing, Benjamin.

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  1. Hey Ben, Joe Timmons from yard 166 Dayton Ohio was just wondering if you ever come up to Ohio to race me and my four kids love being on the trails ourselves. We would love to Come and support and Watch you race.

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