Copart Milestones: Beatriz Escobedo Celebrate 10 Years With Copart

10 years ago, a coworker recommended Beatriz to apply for a dispatcher position. Today, Beatriz celebrates her 10th year at Copart! To Beatriz, being at Copart is more than a job, it’s about being a family. All the subhaulers, coworkers, and customers have made Beatriz feel right at home.

We got to know Beatriz and her Copart story a little better:

What has been your greatest accomplishment at Copart?

“Learning different duties and also learning more about cars”

What is your favorite Copart memory?2

“CAT Duty volunteer. The best times were helping the CAT team, meeting new people and learning what they do on a daily basis.”

Even after 10 years, what is something that your co-workers might not know about you?

“Really, nothing. We are like family here, through the good and the bad.”

Congratulations to Beatriz for achieving this milestone with Copart!


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