Minute Monday: Microsoft Outlook Tips and Tricks

We use Microsoft Outlook every day, in fact, most businesses prefer using Outlook for company communication. However, Outlook vastly differs from the typical email server. Outlook’s endless possibilities can be a bit intimidating but what if we told you that these limitless possibilities could enhance your productivity on the job.

These hacks will change the way that you use Microsoft Outlook.


Why work hard when you can work smart? Learning these shortcuts will cut down time on moving your cursor around the screen and scrolling through menus

  • Ctrl+R: Reply to email
  • Alt+R: Reply all
  • Alt+S: Send the email
  • Ctrl+1: switch to mail view
  • Ctrl+2: Switch to calendar view


Want to customize Microsoft Outlook for a unique user experience? Check out the Add-Ins on Outlook. Just click on the red shopping bag at the top right-hand corner of your homepage. Add-Ins can help with tracking packages in real-time, organizing tasks, or even ordering a Starbucks coffee right from your computer. We like the Trello task Manager app. With the click of a button, we can automatically add tasks to our Outlook Calendar. Check out the Add-In store for more.

Recall an Email

Remember that one time you accidentally sent an email without proofreading it?  Put your email anxiety to ease because now there is a way to delete or edit an email before your colleague reads it. Here are some step-by-step instructions on how to recall an email

  1. Double click on the email you want to Recall
  2. Select Actions>Recall This Message
  3. Click Delete unread copies of this message or Delete unread copies and replace with a new message, and then click OK.



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