Minute Monday: Don’t Hit the Snooze Button

We’ve all been there. After two glorious days of sleeping in, the blaring sound of the alarm clock hits you like a sack of bricks on Monday morning.You just hit the snooze and try to get another five minutes of sleep (or whatever you can squeeze in). But, could hitting the snooze button actually be bad for you?

Psychologists have discovered that hitting the snooze button may actually make you more restless through out the day. After dozing off, your body starts the sleep cycle over again. However, that extra five minutes at 6:48 a.m. isn’t going to complete the REM sleep cycle.

So, how do you resist the ever-tempting snooze button on a Monday morning?

Move Your Alarm Clock

Take your alarm clock (or cell phone) off of the nightstand. By moving the alarm clock out of reach, you will force yourself to get out of bed. Consider investing in an alarm clock with wheels. No, I’m not kidding. Devices like Clocky are just like normal alarm clocks but they just roll off your nightstand and around your bedroom.

Coordinate Your Sleep Cycle

The average REM sleep cycle happens in 90-minute increments. This includes the process of being awake to falling into deep sleep and waking up. It only makes sense to schedule your sleep off of these 90-minute increments. This will allow for your body to wake up based off of natural sleeping patterns.  To ensure a peaceful slumber, schedule your rest for exactly six, seven and a half, or nine hours.

Put Down the Devices

In our digitized world, its hard to put down your smartphone. Not only are our smart devices a distraction from sleep, but they are also hazardous for our health. The high intensity blue lights coming from your screen could be ruining the quality of your sleep. These blue-light emissions are very aggressive on the eyes and the brain. These could deter sleep for several minutes to several hours. Turn off your devices 30 minutes before bedtime to ensure quality sleep.

Don’t Miss Your First Opportunity of the Day

Every time that you hit the snooze button, you are saying “No” to the first opportunity of your day. Is your first opportunity of the day worth an extra five minutes of sleep? Don’t miss the chance to go to the gym , cook your family breakfast, or start doing self-reflections. If you really want to break the snooze-button habit, you will need to change you mentality.




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