4 Things Productive People Do Every Day

Sometimes it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day. You work hard all day long to get things done. But, what if we told you the key to success was to work smarter, not harder? Meanwhile, there is always that one person in the office that seems to complete a month’s workload in one day and still has time to do laundry when they get home.

So, how do successful people manage to be so productive? Productivity isn’t a direct side-effect of the office coffee pot, although it seems to help. However, to be more productive, you must adopt habits that will keep you industrious. That’s why we made a list of the 4 things productive people do every day.

Make Lists

List-making is the most essential habit to any highly productive person. It’s an easy practice that can make an enormous difference. Making a list will let you to clearly analyze your tasks for the day. Then, you can you can prioritize your tasks. This will also help keep track of your daily progress.

Keeping a to-do list will even relieve stress. You’d be surprised at how amazing it feels to cross a task off your list. We recommend using Trello for digitally managing your tasks. Trello helps you visualize tasks needed to complete a project, make a to-do list, or even plan a vacation.

Rank Tasks in Order of Importance

Extremely productive people somehow make everything seem so streamlined and effortless. It’s because they rank their tasks in order of importance. Try completing your tasks in order of importance to get the most out of your day. People are most productive before 11 a.m. so, do the most urgent and time-consuming tasks in the morning. Later, you can let smaller tasks trickle off your to-do list throughout the day (or tomorrow morning).

Start Daily To-Do Lists Early

We all know that we will have tasks tomorrow, whether they are routine or not. Go ahead and start making tomorrow’s to-do list today. This will help you forecast the week, plan and prevent over-commitment. As soon as you know what day you can complete the task, put it on that day’s list (even if it is next week).

Schedule Distractions

This seems counter-intuitive, right? However, those that are exceedingly efficient schedule breaks into their day. One technique many people use is the Pomodoro Technique. It’s simple and anyone can adopt this technique.

First, refer to your daily to-do list. Simply, break your tasks up into 25-minute increments. Next, set your timer for 25-minutes. Give your full attention to your one task and avoid the urge to multitask or check your email. After 25 minutes have passed, reward yourself with a 5-minute break. Then start over! After 4 Pomodoros, give yourself a 15-minute break.

These exceptionally  effective techniques will help you make the most out of your workday (and your breaks too!)


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