Minute Monday: Ditch the Password

Ditch the password and embrace the passphrase!

As the growing threat of cybercrime evolves, one action you can immediately take to better secure yourself in the future is to ditch your password in exchange for a passphrase.

What is a Passphrase?

A passphrase is a sequence of words that is longer than a password, easier to remember and more secure.

Password: Strawberries23

Passphrase: $tr@wberries!Are!GR3at

 Why is Having a Strong Passphrase Important?

The majority of data breaches result from weak credentials. Strong passphrases are critical to any business because they ensure that only authorized users are able to access confidential data.

Therefore, it is important that employees follow best practices when creating passphrases, such as refraining from using the same passphrase for multiple accounts.

Steps to Creating a Secure Passphrase

When creating your new passphrase, it is required that it be at least 12 characters long and incorporate at least 2 of the following rules:typing-on-computer_267318767

  1. Numbers (0-9)
  2. Capital AND lowercase letters
  3. Non-alphanumeric characters (~!@#$%^&*_<>)

Now that you know the why and how, you should get started on the when. It’s never too early to take important steps to secure yourself online. Embrace the passphrase today!


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