Copart UK Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary with Time Capsule

In December of 2017, Copart UK marked the end of their ten-year anniversary by filling a time capsule with items suggested by colleagues across the business. These items included branded merchandise, current uniforms, a selection of Copart magazines, leaflets and posters.

The time capsule was sealed by Copart UK’s longest-serving colleague, Fred Houghton Transport Operations Manager, who was joined by Nigel Paget, Chief Executive Officer – Europe. Currently, the capsule is proudly displayed in the reception area of the Wootton Head Office alongside a commemorative plaque.

Whoever opens the capsule in the future will get a fascinating glimpse into the past of Copart UK—who they were, what they did, and what their culture was like.


Nigel Paget, right, Chief Executive Officer – Europe and Fred Houghton, left, Transport Operations Manager seal the time capsule and leave it on display at the Wootton Head Office.



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