Copart Milestones: Broderick Fulton Celebrates 20 Years at Copart

In February of 1998, Broderick Fulton joined Team Copart, and he’s been an invaluable member ever since! After 20 years of service, Broderick reflects on how the time has passed, “It feels like my first day was just yesterday. I am very thankful for my Copart family.”

In honor of his Copart milestone, we spoke with Broderick to learn more about his career path and accomplishments with Copart and some of his most memorable moments.

Q. Any accomplishments you would like to highlight during your time at Copart?
“I served as a member of the CAT Response Team six times. During CAT duty, I remember working alongside Aron Rosenfield, not knowing who he was. I later found out he is the Vice President of Operations, and all I could remember is how comfortable he made me. Another major accomplishment was surviving Copart Van Nuys. If you can survive a mega yard like that, then you can survive anywhere. That was the busiest yard I have ever seen.”

Q. How has your career at Copart evolved over the years?
“I started my career at Yard 43, Copart Van Nuys. I worked there for nine years. Then, I served nine years at Yard 97, Copart Rancho Cucamonga. Currently, I am the Yard Agent at Yard 57, Copart Las Vegas.”

Q. What has been your most memorable moment while working at Copart?
“Copart’s Executive Team has been the most memorable by far! Sean Eldridge taught me how to care for our customers. That left a big impression on me. When I worked at Van Nuys, Jay and I had lunch together. I was nervous at first, but I quickly learned he is nice and down to earth. I also got the chance to meet Willis. He is one of the nicest men in the world.

Q. What do you enjoy most about working at Copart?
“I love helping people. Whether it be members, owners or adjusters, I just like helping them and making their experience a pleasant one.”

The entire Copart family would like to congratulate you on your 20-year milestone, Broderick.

Here’s to 20 more!

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