Teaching Kids About Copart at the Great American Teach-In

The Great American Teach-In is a national event where students have the opportunity to learn about different careers. Members of the community are invited into classrooms all over the country to share information with students about their career. The goal of the event is to expose students to different viewpoints and career paths from the workforce. Ultimately, are inspired to start students thinking about what jobs align with their personality, interest and skill set.

Michael Smith, Yard Manager of Copart Tampa South, participated in the Great American Teach-In at the elementary school where his wife works. Michael spoke to four second-grade classes about the history of Copart and the different types of jobs that are available within the company. He spoke about his personal journey with the company, from his start as a yard agent, then his transition to Loader Operator and Yard Supervisor, and now to his current position as Yard Manager. “The kids really loved seeing the pictures and asking him questions about how the company works and what an auction is like,” said Ashley Smith, Michael’s wife and teacher of one of the second-grade classes.

In a lot of major cities and rural areas across the United States, young children are not made aware of potential career paths and companies that can provide jobs to them in the future. The Great American Teach-In changes this narrative and gives students insight into the many different jobs and career paths our country has to offer.

Thank you, Michael, for volunteering at the Great American Teach-In and sharing the history of Copart.



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