Copart Marketing Profiles: International Interns

Meet Tim Ling, Copart’s Manadarin Marketing Intern and Victoria Pantchenko, Copart’s Bilingual Social Media Intern. Together, they play an integral role in international acquisition and customer service for Copart. They began their internships at the beginning of the fall semester, and they continue to grow and learn in their positions every day.

Recently, we sat down with Tim and Victoria to learn a little more about them and their roles in our Marketing Department.

In your own words, how would you describe international marketing?

Tim: International marketing is the application of marketing in multiple countries, across the national border.

Victoria: International marketing is a wonderful mix of culture, languages and different backgrounds to reach out to what our customers have in common all over the world.


Describe your role at Copart?

Tim: I assist with digital marketing, multi-language content creation, proof-reading and global business development.

Victoria: I create Spanish content for Copart en Español Facebook’s page, as well as provide customer support by replying to comments and direct messages. When I’m not on Facebook, I write and translate blog posts, social media ads, banners and various communications in Spanish and sometimes French. I also proof-read content and quality assurance for the Spanish version of


What is a fun fact we might not know about you?

Victoria: Although my two grandfathers were Veterans from WWII, one of them was a spy. He would steal German communications and translate them for the United Kingdom.


What projects are you currently working on?

Tim: Currently, I am working on Adobe Analytics on Asian markets, Chinese online platforms ads, Copart Mandarin improvements, reporting on Asian economic outlook, Copart new member guide translation, and new landing page development.


What have you enjoyed most about your internship?

Tim: Working with these awesome people.

Victoria: Being able to learn from incredible professionals while I look at cars. The perfect working experience for me.


What is the first car you owned?

Tim: A Volkswagen Jetta

Victoria: A Lada Niva 1994, cherry red


Thanks, Tim and Victoria! Our interns keep our departments flowing with fresh ideas, while learning new skills and gaining real-world experience. Stay tuned to meet the rest of the marketing squad.



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