Copart Okeechobee Provides 5-Star Service to Jeunesse Hodges

At Copart, one of our core values is to Act with Integrity, and one of the main characteristics of this value is being sure to do what’s right even when no one is looking. Recently, the team at our Copart Okeechobee CAT Lot in Florida embodied exactly what it means to Act with Integrity after vehicle owner Jeunesse Hodges visited their yard.

After Hurricane Irma, Jeunesse Hodges was told by her insurance company that her flooded vehicle was sent to Copart. Hodges made the trip from Fort Pierce to Copart Okeechobee for one thing – the Mickey Mouse car mats she left in her car. She received them as a Christmas gift in 1997, and they have been with her through five cars

When Hodges arrived at Copart Okeechobee, she was greeted and taken to her car to get the mats. Unfortunately, her car had already been cleaned out and the mats were gone.

The Copart employees at Okeechobee wanted to help Jeunesse get her car mats back, so the crew put on their gloves and began digging through all the car mats they had in the trash. After a two-and-a-half-hour search, the Mickey Mouse mats still hadn’t been found. Jeunesse left the yard a little disappointed, but also very appreciative of the employees who looked for her floor mats.

Hodges was so moved by the crew’s act of kindness, she reached out to Regional Manager Kenneth Houck to share thanks for the efforts of the Copart Okeechobee employees who looked for the car mats. “When it comes to the employees of Copart, the extra effort comes naturally. I am very proud they went above and beyond to help Jeunesse, she appreciated their efforts and it meant a lot to her.  The team was happy to help,” said Mike Bishop, GM of Copart Okeechobee.

Here is Jeneusse’s email in full:

“Hi, my name is Jeunesse and my car was sent to Copart after Hurricane Irma. I was told by my insurance company that they were totaling it. I am writing you is because I want to tell you about Michael Bishop’s crew. I drove from Fort Pierce, Fl to Okeechobee, Fl to retrieve my mickey mouse car mats that I’ve had since 1997. I got them as a Christmas gift when I got my first car. They have been with me through all 5 of my cars I’ve had since 1997. When I arrived, the Copart employees were very nice. One gentleman took me to my car to retrieve my mats and low and behold my car had been completely cleaned out. They were gone! 20 years gone. When he took me back to where Michael was, I was upset, started to cry and even asked him what can we do to find them. Michael did more than I could ask of him, four of his guys put on gloves and searched through the pile of mats to locate my mats! 2 and 1/2 hours later they still were not found. Two ladies even joined in to help.

Mickey Mouse
Jeunesse poses with her new floor mats.

At this point, I asked them to stop looking. It humbled me to see people put in so much effort to locate materialistic items for someone they didn’t know. I want you to know what hard working, dedicated, caring, compassionate men and women you have working at Copart. I just thought that you should know what great people you have working for you at this facility.”

It’s not every day that someone takes the time to write such a heartfelt message of thanks, and the team at Copart was so touched by Jeneusse’s kind words that they sent her new Mickey Mouse floor mats to replace the ones she had lost!

Thank you, Jeunesse, for your kind words that really made our day, and thank you, Copart Okeechobee, for providing Jeunesse with 5-star service!



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