National Author’s Day

What can be better than sitting down on a Saturday morning bundled up in your favorite blanket with a book in your hands? While you’re reading, do you take the time to think about the effort that went into creating that piece of literature?

As a writer, it takes a lot of imagination and creativity to put words into a sentence, add that sentence into a paragraph, turn that paragraph into more paragraphs and turn those paragraphs into a book. November 1, National Author’s Day is used to show appreciation to all the authors for their words that teach, move and entertain us.

On this day, we would like to highlight a few Team Copart members who are also authors.

Greg Adler, Legal ContractorGreg Dog
A Sweet Sweet World – Sweet Sweet Brushes Her Teeth

Greg’s motivation behind this book was pure fun. He loves his dogs, all four of them, and he thought it would be nice to write a book about one of them.

A fun children’s book about a dog named Sweet Sweet who is learning life’s lessons as she grows up to become a big girl.

Kacis Book CoverKaci Schack, Senior Marketing Manager
The Language Immersion School Handbook: Advice from a Monolingual Mom Raising a Bilingual Child

Kaci’s motivation for writing this book came from her three-year-old son, who attends a language immersion preschool. “Watching him learn another language has been incredible, and I want to inspire other parents to consider this type of educational program for their own children,” said Kaci.

This short e-book was written from the perspective of a monolingual mother raising a bilingual child. Kaci felt it necessary to educate and share her experiences with parents who are unfamiliar with language immersion schools and the benefits of the curriculum.

Andrew Book CoverAndrew Vrana, Online Marketing Specialist
Dreams in the Tower

For Andrew, the motivation behind writing this book comes from a long-time dream. “I wrote a lot of short fiction while I was in college, but I always wanted to tell a much larger story when I had the time and energy to devote to it. After graduating, I had an idea in my head and I started typing away until it became a novel,” said Andrew.

Dreams in the Tower is a near-future sci-fi thriller about a group of hackers taking on an American mega-corporation that will do anything to secure more power—even at the cost of its own consumers.

Junk to Gold

Willis Johnson, Founder
Junk to Gold

The motivation behind “Junk to Gold” came from Willis’ desire to share the humble beginnings of what would become a successful business. Many factors, businesses and people played a major role in the development of Copart, and Willis’ weaves them all into a tale that is both uplifting and inspiring.

Junk to Gold is about one man’s journey from humble beginnings to unimaginable success. Willis Johnson, the founder of Copart, offers a personal and inspirational account of this journey to the top.


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