Employee Spotlight: Cynthia Ebersbach

Cynthia Ebersbach started her career at Copart in March of 2013 as a Title Clerk at Copart Raleigh. Over the years, Cynthia’s team has morphed into the true definition of family. “Working in the Title Department is one of the things I enjoy most about working at Copart.” Cynthia expressed, as she reflected on the tight bond developed in her department and yard.

On December 28, 2016, while her yard was away on active CAT duty for Hurricane Matthew, Cynthia was diagnosed with breast cancer.

After Cynthia’s diagnosis Yard 54 showed their support. “My fellow coworkers have been by my side 100% through my entire journey.  Many days my Copart Family would comfort me while at work, they kept me going with encouragement and support,” said Cynthia.

On September 29, Cynthia received a surprise she could never have expected. This surprise turned out to be one of her most memorable Copart moments. She described the event as if it was just yesterday. Cynthia walked into work to see the entire yard wearing t-shirts with her name printed on the back, pink balloon arches decorated the office, lunch was provided and more. The celebration was in support of her fight against breast cancer and to highlight her upcoming participation in the Pink Ink Breast Cancer Ride.

“Watching Cindy go through the process of being diagnosed, starting her treatment and being in the positive frame of mind where she is today has been nothing short of remarkable. Cindy has been so positive during this time and has fought her way through some tough days. I honestly don’t think she knows how much of an inspiration she truly is. Thank you, Cindy, for showing us all how to fight like a girl,” said Cordella Brown, GM of Copart Raleigh.

Since her diagnosis, Cynthia’s experiences have made her look at life differently. “I know I can overcome anything and my confidence is much stronger. I stress less over the small stuff and concentrate on the good things,” said Cynthia.

To all those going through a similar experience, she offers the advice that, “you are stronger than you ever imagined you could be.” Having this mindset is what makes Cynthia a survivor.
Cynthia would like to encourage all female Team Copart members to get their yearly mammograms and monthly breast exams. To all male Team Copart members, Cynthia also encourages you to do monthly breast exams. During her journey, she learned that many men are also diagnosed with breast cancer, and early detection is key to treatment.

Thank you, Cynthia, for sharing your story.

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