Copart Family Ties: A Q&A with the Vazquez Brothers

Meet Moe and Joshua Vazquez, Miami residents, Copart team members and brothers.

Moe Vazquez, who has been with Copart for five years, referred his brother Joshua for a position as a CSR at Yard 148, Copart Miami South, three years ago, and they’ve been Copart Team members ever since.

Q. What’s your role with Copart?

Moe: “I’m currently a CSR, but I’ve had roles as a dispatcher and a front-end loader.”

Joshua: “I’m currently an Office Supervisor for Miami South.”

Q. What’s the best thing about working with your brother?

Joshua: “We help each other learn new things, and we help develop one another to be better each day at what we do.”

Q. Any sibling rivalry or friendly competitions?

Moe: “There’s definitely a friendly sibling competition because you want to be the best brother, or as we’ve known it “the best Vazquez.”

Joshua: “When we were both dispatchers, we would battle weekly to see who could get the highest same-day pick up, who could keep late pick ups to zero, and to see who could release cars the fastest. We challenged ourselves to be better ourselves daily.”

Q. What does it mean to you to be a part of Team Copart?

Moe: “Being a part of Team Copart is just like being a part of the Vasquez family. Everyone is working towards the same purpose, and it doesn’t matter who’s better, as long as the team is the best.”

Q. Do you have any funny stories about working with your brother?

Moe: “The funniest thing about working with my brother is the countless times we get asked if we’re twins.”

Joshua: “I go to other yards in Miami, FL, and people mistake me for Moe all the time. It’s hilarious when drivers come to my yard to pick up a vehicle, and they ask me how I got there so fast if they just saw me in the other Miami yard.”

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