Happiness Happens at Copart!

On August 8th, National Happiness Happens Day is celebrated to encourage people to share happiness all day. The celebration is part of National Smile Week, which takes place the second week of August.

This day was created to remind people to take a moment and acknowledge all of the joy that surrounds them, and to help remind others with a simple smile. Happiness Happens Day was created by a group, the Secret Society of Happy People, founded in 1998.

The society encourages everyone to think about happiness and find positivity in their everyday lives. They have two mottos: “Happiness Happens” and “Don’t Even Think of Raining on My Parade.”

With or without a special day to commemorate it, it is so much easier to smile than it is to frown, and we encourage everyone across Copart to share a smile at their office each and every day.

A smile is contagious, and in celebration of this day, we wanted to highlight some Team Copart smiles and happiness from around the world.

Hopefully, a smile or two will rub off on you!


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