Copart Milestones: GM George Bailey Celebrates 10 Years With Copart

George Bailey, who is celebrating his 10th year with Copart, began his career with our team in July of 2007 as a Customer Service Representative at Copart Dallas. Over the following ten years, George moved his career with Copart forward to his current position as General Manager (GM) of Yard 74 in San Antonio, TX. George’s work ethic and continued dedication have been a true asset to Copart. “Copart has always recognized hard work and dedication. We celebrate our people and promote from within. I think that’s an amazing thing,” said George.

His dedication and commitment to the Copart family and its customers can be seen every day, and those same values make George’s reflection on his history with Copart seem both new and ingrained at the same time. “Somedays, it doesn’t feel like it’s been anywhere near 10 years, and other times, it feels like Copart’s been a part of my life forever,” said George.

The successes George and his team have had during his time as GM have been worth celebrating. Amongst a whirlwind of new contracts, operational expansions and increased business, Yard 74 has continued to grow and get stronger. George is the first to admit that it’s team work that has helped his yard succeed, “I would not be where I am today if not for the folks I’ve worked for and with. I think our yards succeed together as a whole, and very few accomplishments can be traced to just one person.”

George’s Copart experience includes volunteering as a member of the CAT Response Team. One of his most memorable moments during CAT deployment was emptying out the New York City impounds for Yard 30. Due to city traffic, they could only run the trucks at night, so the team would work late night hours to get the job done. “I’d been on a number of CATs at that point, but that was by far the most exciting and unique. I met a lot of great folks on that trip that are still with Copart today,” said George fondly.

His winning track record as a GM, his love for the people of Copart, and his work with the CAT fleet, all reflect his journey at Copart, but they all take a backseat to one of his happiest moment, meeting his wife at Yard 62 in Austin, TX.

We appreciate your commitment to challenge the norm, act with integrity and strive for excellence. The entire Copart family would like to congratulate you on your career milestone. Here’s to ten more!





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