Copart UK Colleague Shares Her Father’s Love of Collector Cars

In honor of National Car Collector Appreciation Day, Copart UK Regional Sales Executive, Kate Wingfield, shared pictures and memories of her father’s car collection with us.

Copart UK Sales Executive, Kate Wingfield, watching her father restore a race car.

Kate’s father, Bryan Wingfield, was a highly respected, historic builder/restorer of race cars for use in real competition, and he still owns two of his race projects today. The above picture, taken in the early 1970s, shows Bryan chatting to a very young Kate on the wheel of his own 1960’s ford GT40, which he rebuilt from a wrecked Le Mans car in his residential garage in Brentwood, Essex. He went on to become one of the world’s leading authorities on the GT40 and helped found the owner’s club.

In recent years, Bryan has succumbed to the effects of Alzheimer’s Disorder, and doesn’t remember much of his race car building days, but Kate and her family are committed to sharing his stories and experiences as an auto rebuilder.

Bryan Wingfield at his care facility in France.

The below Ford C100 was restored by Wingfield and raced by the late U.K. racing driver David Leslie. When Leslie passed in 2008, Wingfield semi-retired the race car in honor of his friend, and it competed only twice after David’s passing. Wingfield’s family plans to sell the race car in the future to help fund his continued nursing care.

Ford C100

The below pictures are of a Kondor GT, designed and built by Wingfield in the 1960s, while he worked for the Ford Motor Company. It was originally powered by a Ford GT40 engine, which was lost during a recent restoration. Kate and her sister keep this car with them in the U.K., overseeing the restoration. They plan to keep it in the future to celebrate and remember their father’s work.

Thank you for sharing your story, Kate. Your father’s talent and skill will be remembered always.


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