Meet The Copart Direct Management Team

Since building and staffing the Copart Direct Headquarters in Brooklyn, NY back in late 2012, the Copart Direct management team has been working hand-in-hand with the Dallas marketing team to make, a division of Copart Direct, a major force in the online auto-buying industry.

From left: Sami Mekrami, David Sutkin, Michael Palmer, Idrees Khan


The management team in Brooklyn has a combined 50 years of experience in the vehicle purchasing business, and they use that expertise to offer Copart Direct and customers a one-of-a-kind selling experience each and every day.

Over the years, they’ve made some great memories at work. Below are some of their best experiences since coming on board with Copart:

David Sutkin, Director — “I’ve had so many great experiences working for Copart over these past years. If I had to narrow it down to just one, it would be the day that Jay and Tammi Adair flew into NYC to spend the afternoon at the Copart Direct headquarters not long after we launched. That was a pretty great day. A few weeks later I got a hand-written thank you note for having hosted them. That visit, and the follow up letter, spoke volumes about the character and quality of this company. There have been many great experiences over the years, but that one that will always stick with me.”

Idrees Khan, Assistant Director — “By far, the best experience I’ve had at Copart since coming on board is being invited to, and attending, a Global leadership conference. It gave me the opportunity to present in front of hundreds of Copart’s best from all over the world. Networking and learning every aspect of Copart motivated me to continue being the best that I can be.”

Mike Palmer, Sales Manager — “My greatest experience with Copart since coming on board has been witnessing the evolution of our Vehicle Purchasing Agents. To see them walk in to our office on day one, with no experience in the industry, and see them eventually develop into the cornerstone of the Copart Direct team, guidance, mentorship and assistance to new Vehicle Purchasing Agents is something that will stick with me for a long time to come. “

Sami Mekrami, Pricing Manager — “My favorite experience working for Copart so far would be the freedom and trust we were, and are, given to build one of the best Cash for Cars teams in the industry. The Copart name allowed us to attract and acquire the best talent from all over the country. We’ve put together a smart, dedicated, loyal team, and, being able to do what you love every day with people you respect and value — that’s a great experience in itself.

Flashback! Here’s the management team with coworkers in 2012, at the opening of the Brooklyn headquarters.

A big thank you for the time and dedication that the Copart Direct Management Team devotes to our business.


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