Introducing the 2017 Special Operations Team

We are proud to announce the 2017 Copart Special Operations team! This is an elite group of dedicated employees who are ready and willing to respond to business integrations, catastrophes, and natural disasters at a moment’s notice. Each member was chosen based on their proven ability to be a top performer and their commitment to serve local communities, as well as Copart and its Buyers and Sellers.

These individuals will have the opportunity to travel the country, visit multiple Copart locations, form bonds with members of the Copart family that they might not otherwise meet, and grow their career through invaluable experience gained while serving as a member of the Special Ops team.

Please join us in welcoming and congratulating the 2017 Special Operations Team!

Adrian Rodriguez Deborah Ann Marfinetz Jonathan Casiano Mike Perez
Adrian Woulfe Denise Talbert Jose Luis Lebron Petronilo Avila-Navarrete
Albert Petrello Deonte Watts Julian Eric Miller Rebeca Hernandez
Amanda Merryman Dustin Hinkle Karen Vetro Renee Gilles
Amy McNulty Ivan Carreon Katelyn Bluel Robert Leo Colton
Angel Luis Carrero Elden Sahota Kyle G Duley Roberta Garza
Anthony Paladino Everett Trail Leon Jones Sonni Crespo
Anthony Pietramali Geoffrey Whorrall Levar Barren Stephanie Davis
Antoine Darden Gerson Maldonado Lorena Barrera Stephanie Mata
Aric Larson Jaclyn Meehan Lupe Byrd Stephanie Munoz
Bili Sue Wagner James Martin Maile Middleton Sterling Stewart, Jr
Brittany Nicole Yoo Jeffrey Fetters Mark Cheek Steve Lehmkuhl
Buddy Ridgeway Jennafer Pascarella Mary Carter Timothy Schmeltz
Christy Cartwright Jesse Burrell Matt Johnson
Darla Nelson John Williams Michael Dickson

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