The Intern Insider: Executive Edition

“Leadership belongs to those who take it.”

-Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook

The overseeing force at Copart: The Copart Executive Department. Our executive team at Copart is responsible for growing the business to its maximum potential, and implementing the company’s short-term and long-term plans for success. But that only slightly scratches the surface of the hard work and dedication our executives bring to the Copart table.

One way our executive team positions Copart for success is through strategically determining where time and resources are spent when reinvesting within the company. Overseeing the company’s strategic growth in all leads the executive department into constant interaction with multiple projects. Most notably, the executive department has been working on Proquote and on employing the Intellicenter project. Not to mention they have made recent efforts in improving the buyer pick up experience at Copart.

The culture throughout the executive team could be described as strong and respectable. The executives here at Copart are constantly in close communication with every department to fundamentally understand what is happening across all areas of the business. This communication and understand is vital to making influential decisions that will positively impact every department, and position Copart for greater success.

The Copart executives aren’t shy when relaying their praise for those who work hard. Vik Bhatia, former EVP of Strategic Initiatives, spoke highly of Viviana Nieto in the executive suite. Vik stated, “Although she has recently just joined as an Operations Research Analyst, she has already made a big impact in the company and demonstrated an admirable work ethic.”

Our executive team recognizes and applauds the intrinsic value that each department brings forth at Copart. When prompted to recognize a specific department, the executive department neglected to, and instead chose to praise the exceptional work from everyone in moving Copart forward. They even praised everyone’s healthy respect for doing a good job, and wanting to see Copart win!

We look forward for the continuous guidance and leadership from our Executives.


Meet Sebastian Piras, Brand Marketing Intern at Copart! Sebastian is a Dallas native and wouldn’t have it any other way. While he is currently pursuing a Marketing degree at the University of Texas at Dallas, he always makes time for sports and greatly enjoys the great outdoors. Sebastian believes that his time at Copart has been crucial to his professional growth, and is grateful for the incredible people he has been able to meet through this project.


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