The Intern Insider: Operations Edition

“Consistent alignment of capabilities and internal processes with customer value is the core of any strategic execution.”

Robert S. Kaplan

Often referred to as the rock of the organization, the Operations department here at Copart is an unparalleled force. Through supporting Copart yards, maintaining high standards across all locations, and running the Copart Leadership Development Program (LDP), our Operations team is constantly working to make Copart more efficient and strategic. And those just barely scratch the surface of how our Operations department impacts the Copart Member Experience.

As mentioned above, maintaining our yards is an intrinsic component to the larger role that Operations plays at Copart. One way that Operations helps to maintain our yard locations is by regularly performing audits. For instance, the system quality review audit and the frequency quality review audit help ensure that each of our yards are held to the Copart standard. Another significant task that Operations performs for our yards is answering to queries reports requested from the field.

Let’s talk culture. The Operations department strives to put the company first. By making itself readily available to all Copart departments, no matter what the request may be, the Operations department is truly set apart. Cathy Mazur, manager of Quality Assurance, commended Jeannette Mendoza for her volunteer work in the Baton Rogue catastrophe.

In addition to all of the other ongoing responsibilities, the Operations department has done fantastic job in integrating new business purchases—seamlessly merging our new business purchases with our yards is an incredible feat. All of the behind-the-scenes-work that the Operations department does for the greater good of the organization does not go unnoticed here at Copart. Give someone in Operations a high five today!

We look forward to the ongoing accomplishments from our Operations department!


Meet Sebastian Piras, Brand Marketing Intern at Copart! Sebastian is a Dallas native and wouldn’t have it any other way. While he is currently pursuing a Marketing degree at the University of Texas at Dallas, he always makes time for sports and greatly enjoys the great outdoors. Sebastian believes that his time at Copart has been crucial to his professional growth, and is grateful for the incredible people he has been able to meet through this project.


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