The Intern Insider: IT Edition

In the third part of my series, The Intern Insider, I decided take a closer look at Copart’s IT department, and the vital role they play in delivering the innovations needed to keep us performing as a top technology company in our industry.

“What new technology does is create new opportunities to do a job that customers want done.”

-Tim O’Reilly

The IT department is an indispensable force at Copart, continuously bridging the gap between business and emerging technology. The IT department is a large component of what enables Copart to operate as a cohesive unit internally, and the amount of attention and planning to infrastructure that IT handles can often go unnoticed. Nonetheless, IT keeps the Copart ship sailing.

Copart’s IT department is constantly working around the clock to help facilitate and empower us to communicate across various platforms that we would be lost in business without. One way IT has been working on enabling us at Copart is via a recent working migration.  Specifically, the Reno data center migration has been a recent focus. Furthermore, the constant work on G1 SSM (Seller Setup Maintenance) contracts, and pricing for Germany, Spain, and India.

The dedication and hard work among the IT team is not overlooked. Peer to peer, the culture of the IT department is described as an integral group comprised of hardworking individuals. The attention to detail embodied by the department is a quality that stands out to other Copart departments. Luke Pfaff, previously an IT project manager here at Copart, praised Vinay Kudithipudi for his ability to empower his colleagues to do the best job. Pfaff goes on to say, “I can attribute where I am today to him.”

While much of IT’s work is conducted behind the scenes, the completion of Pro-quote 4.0 has been integral. The IT Department devotes countless hours to other departments to ensure that we have the ability to operate as part of a much larger interconnected team. It is safe to say Copart is pleased to have such an exceptional IT department.

We look forward to the ongoing accomplishments from our IT department!

Get to know the intern:


Meet Sebastian Piras, Brand Marketing Intern at Copart! Sebastian is a Dallas native and wouldn’t have it any other way. While he is currently pursuing a Marketing degree at the University of Texas at Dallas, he always makes time for sports and greatly enjoys the great outdoors. Sebastian believes that his time at Copart has been crucial to his professional growth, and is grateful for the incredible people he has been able to meet through this project.


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