Thank you, 2016 Special Operations Team!

There are a lot of things that set Copart apart from the rest, but we believe the heart of what makes Copart exceptional are our people. As we close out 2016, we want to celebrate the commitment of our 2016 Special Operations Team, an elite group of employees who are ready and willing to heed the call anytime, anywhere.

A note from Sheehab Hossain, Manager of Special Operations, to our dedicate team:

I want to take a moment to highlight some very special folks who went above and beyond this year. Our Special Operations Team is a vital component of our operation, and the team member always deploy at a moment’s notice to assist fellow Copart locations during a time of need.

The Special Ops Team answered numerous calls throughout 2016. In addition to the Special Ops Team, countless volunteers also rose to the occasion and lent a helping hand during events such as the Houston and Baton Rouge floods, along with Hurricane Matthew’s destruction along the East Coast.

Week after week, these individuals were out on the road working long hours, even on the weekends. I can’t express enough gratitude for these folks. The bonds formed this year have been incredible, and lifelong friendships have been made. I witnessed Special Ops member signing each other’s safety vests as a token of their time together. We truly are a family, and that’s a bond you can’t deny.

A special thanks also goes to those working in home locations of our Special Ops Team members. Without their sacrifice and willingness to fill the void of those who were responding to catastrophes, we would not have had such a successful year.

To name few events this year:

  • Hail storm in Dallas- Ft. Worth –  March 2016
  • Flooding in Houston – April 2016
  • Hail storm in Colorado – August 2016
  • Flooding in Baton Rouge – August 2016
  • Hurricane Matthew along the East Coast (FL, GA, SC, NC & VA) – October 2016
  • Integration of new locations in CO, WY and MO – November 2016

Whether it’s a high five, thank you card, or email of gratitude, these individuals deserve a moment in the spotlight for being exceptional! Thank you to the 2016 Special Ops Team – you guys are AWESOME! 

Adrian Woulfe, Butch Petrello, Amy Wolf, Angela Grisham, Anthony Pietramali, Antoine Darden, Aric Larson, Bili Wagner, Bridget McPherson, Buddy Ridgeway, Daniel Gutierrez, Debbie Marfinetz, Denise Talbert, Dustin Hinkle, Everett Trail, Jimbo Martin , Jeff Fetters, John Hardin, Jose Lebron, Jose Lozoya, Jose Vazquez, Julian Miller, Karen Vetro, Katelyn Bluel, Katherine Lynskey, Leah Bernal, Lupe Byrd, Maria Figueroa, Mark Cheek, Mark Sanchez, Mary Carter, Michael Bova, Michael Dickson, Michelle Horcasitas, Petronilo Navarrete, Renee Gilles, Robert Colton Jr., Robert Haggard, Robert Richardson, Roberta Garza, Rodell Morgart, Rodney McNab, Ruben Ras, Samuel Clark, Sonni Crespo, Stephanie Davis, Stephanie Mata, Stephen King, Steve Lehmkuhl and Toni Heble.



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