The Intern Insider: The Finance Edition

Every company or organization is composed of various components that are designed to operate cohesively in order to achieve an ideal business goal. Upon arriving at Copart I began to notice multiple moving parts, departments and people, with little to no knowledge about how they all fit into the Copart Machine—so I made it my mission to find out. Join me as I go inside to really get to know our Copart departments and people through my series, The Intern Insider, starting with the Copart Finance Department.

“Your net worth to the world is usually determined by what remains after your bad habits are subtracted from your good ones.”

-Benjamin Franklin

Copart’s Finance department plays a vital role in the company’s success. From assisting each department head in understanding exactly what they’re spending, to delivering on all banking needs across Copart yards, the Finance department touches nearly every part of the business. For example, financial reporting is an integral part of what the Finance department does on a daily basis, and it is what allows Copart to operate as a public company.

As the first quarter came to a close at Copart, the finance team was busy focusing their attention on each department’s budget—a time consuming, but intrinsic piece of ensuring that Copart is staying on track to reach future milestones.

The culture around finance is a quiet one but, the relationships are fluid and allow the Finance department to run with incredible efficiency. Everyone comes to work with the expectation of working hard and exceeding all expectations. Zach Stenzler, the Directory of Treasury here at Copart, highlighted the work of Kellie Marriott and Corey Bowen for their ability to accomplish aggressive tasks and for making themselves readily available to deliver on all needs that the department has asked them to do. Ian Vikin, a Financial Analyst here at Copart, also praised the work of Ernie Carrasco, stating, “Ernie is a hilarious, agreeable, working machine!”

Finance has contributed so many essential things to Copart. For instance; the department recently closed purchase orders that were in limbo, and was able to improve the terms of our debt by refinancing it onto a bank revolver loan—these are just a couple of instances that make the department so valuable to Copart.

We look forward to the ongoing accomplishments from our Finance department!

Stay tuned for the next Intern Insider, Sales Team Edition!

Get to know the intern:


Meet Sebastian Piras, Brand Marketing Intern at Copart! Sebastian is a Dallas native and wouldn’t have it any other way. While he is currently pursuing a Marketing degree at the University of Texas at Dallas, he always makes time for sports and greatly enjoys the great outdoors. Sebastian believes that his time at Copart has been crucial to his professional growth, and is grateful for the incredible people he has been able to meet through this project.


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