The Internship Experience: Social Media and Brand Marketing

Meet David Dunn and Sebastian Piras! David and Sebastian both work in the Marketing Department as interns for the fall semester.

David is interning with the Social Media team. He is currently studying Communications at the University of Texas at Arlington.


Sebastian is interning with the Brand Marketing team. He is studying Marketing at the University of Texas at Dallas.

Get to know them and what advice they have for those looking for an internship:

What are three interesting facts about you?


1) I’m a hardcore Marvelite.

2) I once interviewed Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

3) I’ve written two 100-page screenplays and am currently working on my third one.


1) I experienced a hurricane first-hand.

2) I made my own wine while in Italy.

3) I was the 3rd Grade Spelling Bee Champ.

Why did you choose to intern at Copart?

David: “I choose to intern here because I was looking for professional social media experience at an internationally-recognized company, and Copart has given me a great experience with that.”

Sebastian: “I chose to intern at Copart because of the experience that I would receive. I couldn’t see myself getting the same exposure that I have received here anywhere else.”

What advice would you give to those looking for an internship in your field?

David: “For any intern looking for an internship in marketing or communications you need to apply, apply, apply! You never know what company you will match well with and have a great experience at. And after you’ve accepted an offer, be prepared to work, work, work.”

Sebastian: “There are plenty of opportunities for interns.  Marketing is always growing and all you have to do is apply and be open to new opportunities.”

What is one way you have grown while interning at Copart?

David: “I’ve improved substantially at social media to be able to coordinate content and posts between Twitter and Instagram. It’s way more than I thought I would have learned.”

Sebastion: “I have definitely grown professionally. The work that I do and the people I interact with through my time here at Copart have definitely taught me a lot.”



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